moving. (particularly corny post ahead)

changing addresses.

It’s almost been a year since I got on that plane and left. It’s becoming glaringly obvious to me now that I may have chosen the wrong URL for this blog. So, I hope this doesn’t confuse you, my ever so loyal readers :P

I had intended this blog to be a record of what I did while on exchange in 2010. However, the entire experience did nothing to satisfy the travel bug in me. And so, a change is in order.

Think of the move as a metaphor. I’m changing the address to reflect that my exchange was not the end. In fact, it was just the start of something else. There are plenty of travels to be had in the future, and I could not be more excited. :)

Here it is,

I hope you join me on the next stage of my adventure. :)



oh, summer.

I know that it has been a long time since I have updated. I was supposed to get on top of things during the break, but I have been enjoying it by catching up with people over meals and things, but it has also been filled with work and the painstakingly slow process of doing clerkship applications.

I do still regularly check a few Copenhagen sites though, which is probably not particularly healthy for me, given the fact that it just makes miss that home all the more. One of the sites is Hello Copenhagen.

One of the things that I am sad that I never got to experience  was what I think of as the waking up of Copenhagen, from winter, into summer.

Next weekend, 21-23 July there’s going to be a free open air screening of a couple of movies. I can just imagine how lovely that would be, sprawled out in Ørstedsparken, with the sun still up maybe at 20.00… Check it out here. :)

I went to Ørstedsparken early on during my stay in Copenhagen. The photos aren’t anything fantastic, but you know, I have to include something. :)



farvel til mine venner! <3

global smølfedag i tivoli (25 juni 2011).

So apparently it is Global Smurf Day today, well I guess yesterday now. In celebration, Tivoli put on a whole bunch of events, which I think is pretty cool. :)

Also, this weekend is the first weekend that I have felt like I really don’t have anything immediate or pressing to do. Yes, this means that I am finally on holidays! So, amongst all the things that need to be done in the next month or so, hopefully I will be able to update a lot of things. :)

Spent the day helping P pack so that was quite fun, but also made me think back to the last couple of days before I left, both Sydney home and Copenhagen home. I guess Copes was worse, because the only choices were bag, bin or box. And then once the box was gone, it really became quite difficult…

I like to think that as a result of all the travelling I have become a bit better at packing lightly. We’ll see, next time I end up anywhere… :)

To the Europe guys, if you end up seeing this, I hope that you have a fantastic time away. It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t quite imagine it all in summer. I’m totally jealous, but also super excited for all of you to fall in love with that part of the world, just like I did. :)

And because this post wouldn’t be a post without a little bit of photo-ness from my time away, here are a few shots from one of the times that I visited Tivoli (23rd sept), thanks to the free September entry for KU students! :D


tivoli attractions: koncertsalen, glassalen, himmelskibet (star flyer)

i thought this game was cute. can't remember what you had to do though.

a lovely performance of a pirates of the caribbean medley, by the tivoli promenade orchestra.

pantomimeteatret. (i can't remember right now what the performance was called...)

nimb vinotek/brasserie and lights.

maNga, the turkish entry for eurovision 2010, were performing that night.

the lights of tivoli.

tivoli illuminations.

tivoli, from vesterbrodgade.

a final loser photo from me. :)

88.9% to go.

visited 25 countries (11.1%)

Create your own visited map of The World

Stole this from Jess. Well, would you looky at that?

It’s kind of cheating though. I mean, I went to Russia, but the portion of Russia that I saw in no way equates to the huge landmass that it actually occupies. But I think the percentage is of the number of countries… the map is just a little misleading.

So, I am missing South America, and Antarctica…!

Exams are currently in full-swing, and then it will be break. While others are off jet-setting and adding to their own maps, I shall endeavour to update some more about 2010/2011. :)



This time last year, I was in the midst of cramming of exams Equity & Trusts (the Law requirement before you can go on exchange) and trying to plan out how I was going to spend my first couple of weeks, and what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go, and just figuring out the grand plan for everything. It felt like there were so many things to organise…

If you recall, I tried to learn Danish, and spectacularly failed. I had considered attending classes at Frederikskirken, the Danish Church over in Pennant Hills, but was told that I was too late for enrolments. This made me far more disappointed than I thought it would, but in any event, I told myself that I would go through exchange with no regrets.

Looking back, I really don’t have (m)any. Sure, maybe I could have done some things differently, but that would have been more of a curiosity thing, to see how things would have turned out, rather than because of any dissatisfaction with the way that they did.

I have mentioned before, somewhere, I don’t know whether it was here or Facebook, but I really had wished that I had made it to a FC København match…

Anyway, my point for this post, is the following video that made me wish a little that I had experienced a little bit of this craziness. :)

Note: This video was taken in Aarhus/Århus (depending on which view you prefer. See here for an article about the controversy!) Anyway, yeah, that’s where my original first choice, but due to mix ups and misunderstandings, I did not end up going there… Just a side note!

Anyway, yeah, things like that make me happy. :)

And because this post would not be a post without a photo, here’s one I prepared earlier, me being a super fan over a different sport, from an amazing country that I am still yet to post about… :)


ice hockey at ice palace, st petersburg. :)

denmark makes the front page!

I know, I know, it has been a long time since you have heard from me. Uni totally gets the better of me, and it’s almost nearing exam times, so of course, the updates are looking more and more likely!

And after seeing this article on the front page of mx, I knew I had to come back and make a short-ish post.

dane's cheeky ban (mxnewspaper, may 26 2011, p1).

The article reports that a Danish law has effectively banned Vegemite from being sold throughout Denmark, given that it has not been approved by food authorities.

“the Danes have decided not to take their monarch’s birth nation of happy little Vegemites at their word.”

Just fyi, mx, Mary isn’t really the monarch of Denmark… but the article continued to amuse me further, courtesy of a quote from a Kraft Foods spokeswoman:

“We recognise that there is one very special Australian living in Denmark who we would be more than happy to send a personal care package to if she is having trouble finding it locally.”

To be honest, I don’t think the Danes are missing out on all that much if they can’t have Vegemite. And here is where I unload a few pictures on you, some that you may have seen before, but most are new (I think!).

Just a taste of some of the amazing food that Copenhagen at least had to offer.

Firstly, I have raved previously about my love affair with Sankt Peders Bageri and all its yummy goodness, but of course there are other bagerier (bakeries) around the place, such as HLM, this particular one which can be found adjacent to Illums Bolighus at Amagertorv at the centre of the city.

hlm@illums and a snegl (snail) from skt peders bageri.

Another one of my favourite pastries were these wonders (below, left) but I never did find out what they were called. I would just always point to them and the lovely people at Bilka would help me out. They had a pistachio-y inside and the outside was a nice pastry, quite like a croissant, but topped with, as you can see, poppy seeds. Sounds strange, but they were easy to gobble up. :) Something else that I loved, apple cake for dessert, served complete with sour cream (yes!). And of course, who could forget the amazing-ness of whipped cream topped hot chocolate. :)

unnamed nom and æblekage (apple cake) and varm chokolade (hot chocolate) at a café in frederiskberg.

Moving on from sweets now, while I never really got into the whole rugbrød thing, I was certainly partial to a great selection of cold meats and cheeses and the like. The cafeteria@KUA campus during our Danish Pre-Semester Language course definitely introduced me to some day-to-day Danish foods. More meat comes in the form of Jensen’s Bøfhus and the wonderfully affordable frokostbøf (lunch steak), with special Jensen’s sauce and amazing potatoes.

a plate from the cafeteria at KUA and 49kr frokostbøf (lunch steak) from jensen's bøfhus.

Last but not least, two great snacks: softis (soft serve) from the side window of Café Nodern, and a rød pølse (literally translated as, red sausage, but generally what we know as a hot dog) from a wagon along Strøget. I am a little sad that I could find a picture of my personal choice, a fransk (French) hotdog. (Oh wait, you can see it here, it’s the 15kr one on the right.)

softis from café nodern and a rød pølse from a pølsevogn.

With all these wonders and more (can anyone say noma, smørrebrød, marinerede sild… yeah, that is all I can remember from Danish class at this time of the night!), the Danes certainly aren’t missing out on… yeast extract!


to the duke and duchess of cambridge,

the duke and duchess of cambridge.

While I did not enjoy the insane hype in the week leading up to your nuptials today, I have to say that even I tuned in to share your happy day.

However, despite most people’s attentions focused on you, I have to say, my eyes were peeled for my preferred royals. I was disappointed to only find the 247th in line to the British throne in attendance – Queen Margrethe II.

In any case, I was delighted to see her seated so close to the altar, although, since she is your grandmother’s cousin, I can see how this would be fitting.

Didn’t she look lovely… albeit a little reminiscent of another much publicised (but only in Denmark) recent royal event – the christening of the twins. Take a look!

her majesty the queen, in what i have read is 'robin's egg blue'.

In addition to my Danish royal spotting, I did so love to see your beautiful London dressed up as it was. It was definitely a far cry to the predominantly grey London that I saw while I was there earlier in the year. However, I will take this moment to relive a beautiful afternoon I spent at the top of the Monument.

london in mid-january, 3-4pm.

Thank you for letting 2 billion people, and I, share in your special day.

Best wishes,