no regrets.

Dear Lindy

Unfortunately, there will not be a new beginner class in April. We only start new beginners in late January/early February and in August.


So, I think this means that there will be no Danish classes for Lindy. And I was really looking forward to them too! Oh well.

Next step is to go to the library then, and borrow the Teach Yourself Danish thing that I borrowed a while ago but never really looked at, beyond thinking how HARD Danish was going to be to learn…

I should have applied earlier, but too late now.

No regrets.

It’s something I’m going to try to remember throughout this entire experience.

Besides, I’ll be doing a three week intensive course before the actual semester at UoC starts. AND I’ve been told that it isn’t essential to learn Danish, since most people speak English anyway. I think, though, it’s just a part of becoming a little more immersed in the culture…

Anyway, instead of learning Danish, we shall look at some pretty pictures!

Østerbro (from: Classic Copenhagen)


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    • shanaya
    • March 22nd, 2010

    awww. it would have been cool if you could speak danish…then you could randomly speak it…

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