the number eleven bus.

the number eleven bus (from: maryvrobinson.blogspot)

So I was just discussing with Mum the potential options that I have in regards to my travel once I finish classes and exams at KU… whenever that is going to be…

Once she pointed out the seeming impossibility (lack of $$) and practical-ness (time, places that I want to go/don’t want to go to vs places the tour goes), we discussed the possibility of going by train/flying to the places that I want to go to and just leaving it at that.

Then she said something really funny:

Don’t forget, there’s always the number eleven bus!

I looked at her strangely, and received a “What?! You’ve never heard of that before?” in return.
Uh… no?

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?! It’s not just me, right?

Other updates…

  • Scholarship
    Say hello to (less than?) half of my funding to Russia. :)
  • Study tour to Russia
    I think I have kind of decided that, yes, I do want to go, and yes, I will probably have no money after that…
  • Accommodation
    I’ve been looking at the places available to stay for the first night that I get there… and it’s looking like I’ll be staying at one of the youth hostels there. So I think I’ll end up getting the YHA/ISIC card, not that I know what discounts I get on ISIC yet, because the site is ridiculous to navigate. T_T
  • Aforementioned travel
    Yeaaaah, I’m just going to think about this more once I finish exams… But I think I’ll just go to London, then train to Paris, then on to visit Beck in Lyon, with a side trip to Barcelona hopefully, depending on schedules and timing and Beck’s parents being there and… what not… Then I’ll head back to London…? Hopefully do Munich and Berlin before I start classes, and then at some point venture into Netherlands, Sweden and maybe even Norway…?! And I think that will be about it for my travel. I’ve decided that I won’t be going to Italy…
  • Pre-sem class
    I got the ‘official’ acceptance for this the other day…
  • Danish?!
    Yeah, lol, this is not going so well. I did borrow all the stuff, but one is veeeery difficult to learn on your own, because it goes in terms of grammar lessons, which I guess is good if you want to actually LEARN learn the language, but I kind of just want to have a basic understanding, so it’s kind of confusing me so far. Needless to say, this has kind of been shoved to the side while I cram for exams…

I think that’s about it actually…


P.S. If you, like me, think my mum is weird, and you’ve never heard of the number eleven bus before, and you don’t get it from the picture, it just means walking…

P.P.S A Google search of “number eleven bus” informed me that the Number 11 bus is actually a good bus to catch in London to see some of the more famous sites. Fancy that.
(Note to self: this could prove to be useful in future. :) Although upon examination, Number 11 doesn’t seem to cover that much…?)

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    • rach
    • June 6th, 2010

    lol i havent heard of it either. maybe its a asian parent thing?

    if princess mary can learn danish, YOU CAN TOO!

    • beck
    • June 8th, 2010

    hehe i have never heard of this bus either!!

    lindy tan, i would absolutely love it if you came to visit me. :) and if we made it into spain as well! give me an idea of the dates you are roughly thinking.
    atm, my parents are coming december 16th, i am meeting them in rome on dec 17th.. and we are driving from Italy to the south of france coz i have some lame compulsory info day on the 4th jan in lyon.. then we are driving up to the north, and doing the french and belgian battlefields from ww1, before i start class again on 17th jan.

    but only my lectures start from 17th jan, so if you were thinking of coming around then, you could totally visit me and we could pop into spain for the weekend? even if you came later than that, i would still hopefully have a 3 day weekend if my timetable works out.

    also, i really want to visit YOU! so we have to figure out a weekend sometime between sept- dec that works for you :)

    also, OMG RUSSIAN STUDY TOUR. i could cry with jealousy. i am dying to go there, i think me and toby are planning to go but a study tour would just make it so much more certain!

    haha wow this was long. procrastination ftw. :)

      • misselty
      • June 8th, 2010

      i think my mum is just weird. lol. (oh yeah, you double posted, coz i had to approve your first comment, but you should be good to go from now on!)

      i have to figure out when i finish exams…. T_T and i don’t know what subjects i’m doing yet…. T_T but yeah, if you’re parents are taking you out for a month… then i’ll possibly hopefully come after that? unless i’m able to come some time during the semester!

      youuu my dear, are welcome to come whenever you want. i still have to check whether or not you’re allowed to stay for a few days… but not quite sure where you’d sleep…. all these emails are emails that are meaning to be send once i finish exams T_T lol. just not the october week when i’m on study tour. xD speaking of october, DO YOU HAVE PLANS FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY YET?!?!?!

      luffer your face. :)

    • shanaya
    • June 8th, 2010

    LOLOL! i have never heard that phrase before but now i want to use it

    ohhh! does that mean you got scholarship?

    is there any reason for russia in particular?

      • misselty
      • June 8th, 2010

      yeah, i only made the post coz i think it’s hilarious! strange parents.

      it means i get $1000. lol. which is kind of nothing, but but a little better than nothing. xD

      well, the study tour goes to russia… and russia is cool… and anastasia! =D

  1. When are you getting to Copenhagen? Are you interesting in this?

      • misselty
      • July 9th, 2010

      i’m in copenhagen from 22nd july, but ducking out to munich for a week, before coming back 4th august.

      i’m not a runner, but i’d definitely show up in the crowd =D

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