farvel sydney.

photo: me.

So, I’m currently at Changi Airport. Flying into Singapore always feels like coming home. :)

Thanks to my lovely friends who wrote me a bit of their soul to bring with me on the plane and on my travels. I will say without shame that I may have cried like a little girl.

I have just under 2 hours before I take my flight to Copenhagen, and so here I am.

It still feels quite surreal and it hasn’t really set in yet. Maybe that’s just because it’s Singapore and I am so familiar with it anyway…

Anyway, a couple of things to look up, but just to say hi, and that the first leg is complete! :))


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    • shanaya
    • July 22nd, 2010

    it must be nice having a laptop with you when you travel…

    all these photos are awesome, but can we get some of you? (maybe not here) i want to see travelling lindy! not just where youre going. although changi airport is freaking awesome.

    i used to get that home feeling too (wonder why) but its been getting less =( i actually really really miss singapore =(

    aawwww. we are awesome =) how many did you get? and hey. send your address once you get there. maybe ill go crazy and write a letter.

    have fun on the 2nd leg!

    • Zab
    • July 22nd, 2010

    Keep me in the loopy my dear fire!!

    • Jessie
    • July 22nd, 2010

    This is why I plan to buy a laptop before u go overseas…

    Anyway…I believe your second leg is longer..if you cry on that too…I think your eyes will be swollen by the time you get there…

    I only get the home feeling coming back to Sydney…haven’t travelled enough to HK to feel home. It was kinda foreign last time..cos the time before that was 10 years. Crazy!!

    How’s the inflight entertainment??

    Ohh!!! Is there wifi on board???

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