twin edition.

In light of the news that Crown Princess Mary is expecting twins, it is only fitting that I update on my first visit to Amalienborg Palace, Tuesday 27th July. (Yes, I am finnicky with dates, and like to keep a record.)

But first, I headed back to Rosenborg Slot, since I hadn’t really wandered around the first time I went there because I got distracted by the changing of the guard.

rosenborg slot, with blue skies.

but then those skies turned to grey... and it started to rain...

walking through king's gardens, i spy a marionette theatre.

copenhagen has a lot of these pretty coloured houses.

frederik viii's palace (aka the future residence of the crown prince and princess) at amalienborg palace. andi also managed to catch the end of the changing of the guard on the other end. :)

(i think i'm getting better at these!) me and christian viii's palace, which now houses a museum, and with frederikskirke (frederiks church) (aka the marble church).

i love that the guard house things have little hearts carved on them.

frederikskirke. it's a bit weird to take pictures inside a church...

hello ceiling.

later, walking along strøget, i got ben & jerry's. :) phish food. yum. :)

and then 30kr. chinese takeaway.

I ended up going back to Amalienborg today, because I realised that the opening of the residence ends tomorrow. More about that later.

I also need to post my week in Munich and my day trips to Salzburg and Prague. :) But I am getting lazy. I think this is a good thing. It means that I am settling in to everyday life. :)

Church tomorrow, and I might check out Kulturhavn as well if I have the time (and if I can manage to find it!).
And then it’s language course on Monday!


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    • rach
    • August 8th, 2010

    omgosh uber jealous you got to see the palace!!!
    its so pretty! the church there is also pretty. :)

    • zab
    • August 9th, 2010


    • shanaya
    • August 11th, 2010

    i love the pretty coloured houses

    wow, imagine living there.

    (this lecturer is really funny. even if she is talking about genes and cells and brains)

    awww lindy!

    cute hearts

    (this lect is getting more confusing now)

    yeah i feel odd in churces too. but thats a nice ceiling!

    cute dog.

    ohhhh travel photos!!

      • misselty
      • August 11th, 2010

      i know! everything is so damn pretty here!! no ugly skyscraper buildings. just quaint prettiness eeeeeeverywhere. it’s awesome. :)

      it actually wasn’t as big as i thought it would be inside. like you imagine huuuuge dining room right? with space for like 480318493109 people? but it’s more like…. idk, just the size of your kitchen and living room… mb dining room? and ok, for a normal house, that is big, but they’re the future king and queen!!
      but i guess it’s because it’s more their house, not the venue for functions and stuff…. that happens other places i think?

      i don’t know why there are hearts! but it’s super cute! if only the guards were too… :P

      i don’t feel odd in churches so much as like…. taking photos? it just feels strange. and it’s fuuuuuull quiet. lol.

      trust you to see the puppy. :P

      and what, these don’t count as travel photos? XD lol.

        • shanaya
        • August 18th, 2010

        that dining room is pretty big. but yeah, i would have assumed bigger in a palace. but if its just their house, why do they need such a big one??

        i dont think ive ever noticed the cuteness of guards…its not like firefighters or soemthing..

        lol that was a mistake. i feel odd if theres a service in a church, but just generally i feel odd taking photos. its not a very “PHOTO OP” kind of feel..

        well there was asian food place…but the puppy was cuter

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