mmm… metro!

Copenhagen really is an incredibly cultural city. Last night I went to Mmm-Metro, part of the Copenhagen Cooking festival.

There were heaps of announcements while I was waiting, but couldn’t really understand them.

waiting for the metro.

I ended up running into Bryce, and then Harold. Then the metro came (I keep wanting to say train…) and it was quite packed, but we got on anyway, and we were greeted with a small dish of what looked like an egg, some strange yellow-orange berries and what we were told was edible paper.

bryce and harald.

Turns out it was: sea buckthorn sphere served with fresh sea buckthorn, a piece of Denmark and a chilly scent of the North Sea, all together served in a white porcelain bowl.

mmm... metro!

sunset from the metro.

Bryce and Harold got off at Christianshavn, and then with a yelling of ‘Let’s eat’ (or something equivalent in Danish, I didn’t quite catch it), we were served with the second dish: smoked cheese, radish, edible dirt with a dry vinaigrette flavoured with cucumber and served in a flowerpot. The ‘edible dirt’ was a mixture of flour, malt meal, hazelnut meal, sugar and beer. It was definitely an interesting concoction.

smoked cheese, radish and edible dirt.

with servings 1 and 2.

By the time I finished, the metro was reaching Frederiksberg, the end of zone 1. I noticed a Metro inspector getting on to check tickets, so I got off, and waited for it to come back around towards Lufthavnen.

waiting at frederiksberg.

Got back on to the Metro when it came around, and then waited until the third ‘course’ was served: salty Danish pastry (wienerbrød) with bacon cream and beer flavoured edible packaging beans served in a cardboard box. The pastry was actually really nice, really light, but the ‘cream’ didn’t really taste like bacon…?


There was music playing on the Metro as well, and there was this one song that was ridiculously catchy. After much Google-ing and YouTube-ing, I have discovered its awesomeness. :)

Anyway, a few of the ‘crew’ (because I’m not sure exactly what to call them) started dancing and stuff, and it was quite amusing.

inflight entertainment.

I ended up getting off at Amager Strand, intending to check out the beach by night but it was a bit creepy dark, so I didn’t end up venturing too far away from the station. Then headed back home… for some Mi Goreng. :)

by night, amager strand, and ørestad.

I also spoke Danish for the first time last night. The second Metro inspector I ran into asked me if I had liked the food in Danish… and then I asked him if he could speak English! :) Haha.

All in all, an interesting night. :)


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    • zab
    • August 21st, 2010

    :D :D :D

    • jessl.
    • August 21st, 2010

    omgosh that is so cool!!!
    (and you get to have free food? :P :P)

    • shanaya
    • August 21st, 2010

    there was a food festival ON A TRAIN!!!! thats awesome!!

    why did you get off the train? didnt you have a ticket?

    lol! could the inspector speak english?

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