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I have been terribly terrible at updating. There are a lot of posts that I should have posted but haven’t. I take too many pictures and then I get lazy to sort through them to figure out which of the 100s I should post. But I’ll get there. Eventually. For now, a quick update about things that I’ve been up to and things that have been happening.

  1. Danish language classes
    I wrote about this when I started, but now I have completed the three-week intensive course and I have completed both my written and speaking exams. I came away with a nice grade of 10 overall. I don’t really know what this means
    in relation to our grading system back home, since the Danish grading system goes something like: 12 > 10 > 7 > 4 > 2 > 0 > -3. Yeah, I don’t know how that works. As far as I know, my subjects are just awarded pass/fail when I get back anyway. But no matter. I’m just glad that I did seemingly quite well. It definitely feels like an accomplishment. I’ve even considered taking on the semester long course! But final registration isn’t until next week, so I won’t have to decide until then.
  2. My parents are here!
    Mum and Dad arrived on Thursday last week, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them, taking them out, walking around, seeing the sights. It definitely renewed the excitement of living in Copenhagen. I had become a little bit complacent. We also visited Malmø, Sweden, just a 40 minute train ride away. That’s a separate post in itself. :) I’m also thankful for all the goodies that they brought me, and all the other things on my list of things to bring. Why pay double here, when they could just bring it for me! :) We’re planning on heading up north to check out Helsingør, the site of Hamlet’s castle, Hillerød, the site of another castle, and hopefully, if we have enough time, Humblebæk, to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
  3. Classes have started.
    I am taking 3 credited courses, and also the 1 week intensive non-credit course, Introduction to EU Law (although, with my timetable, I don’t think I’ll actually be able to go to any classes the first week). Once I’ve had all my classes I’ll write a little more about the Danish university experience. :)

Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out, exploring and what not. Nothing ridiculously exciting. :) But I shall post about a couple of those days.

I have had problems with a number of uni things though.

  • ID kort: I have been waiting and waiting on my student ID card. The first day that I went to ask about it, I was turned way without the lady even looking for my card, being told that I had to wait for an email before I could come and pick it up. I knew this was… wrong (to say the least) since other people who had sent their form in the same time as me had had no problems picking up their card. So I went back last week and spoke to a different person (thankfully) and she spent a good 15 minutes searching through for my card. To no avail. So then I had to email in to the ID card making people, and hopefully I get it next week… I do want it so that I can get into Tivoli for free! (I know I could just use my acceptance letter, but that’s hardly as exciting as having my actual ID card…)
  • Absalon: This it the Blackboard equivalent (or whatever online thing you use at uni) for KU. It was working fine yesterday morning, but when I logged on last night to complete some exercise for my class (yes, look at me go, so studious already!), I couldn’t log in. It’s happened to a couple of people so far that I know of (both Australians… they must hate us… lol) and the advice given was just to wait and see. With classes starting up and what not… I don’t see this as an option. So I sent a handful of emails to all the people that I could think of, and today I am going to go and annoy the Admissions Office after class. That will be fun…

I am hoping that the KU administrative department improves its impression on me as the semester goes on…

And because you probably don’t care so much for the writing, here are some pictures from Københavns Universitet Amager (KUA), as I was leaving from my Danish speaking yesterday morning, with lovely blue skies.

emil holms kanal, with tietgen kollegium on the right.

emil holms kanal, view to the north.

tietgen kollegium.

on the way, and around, dr byen station.

And my fabulous Danish class will bid you farvel. :)


danish class!

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  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog. Congrats with the grade 10 – that’s really good! and yeah, the Danish grading system is kind of confusing and doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world ;)

    enjoy your stay in Copenhagen and I love the beautiful photos which you posted.

    – Kimmy

      • misselty
      • September 2nd, 2010

      hey! if you don’t mind me asking, how did you find my blog? lol. just wondering, since i’ve had a few people wander on over here.
      thanks for your comments! :)

      • Your blog popped up in the wordpress tagsurfer thing.

    • shanaya
    • September 2nd, 2010

    i didnt realise the danish classes were part of uni, i thought they were just something you signed up for coz its useful, like i did that sign language class.
    that scoring is strange

    yay parents bringing you things

    do they have classes online? since you said you cant go to any in the first week..?

    its ok, blackboard is being a bitch too.

    i like the words! although those are very nice picture. so blue.

      • misselty
      • September 2nd, 2010

      well it’s not credited? but i can get it to go on my transcript. and it’s a pride thing, of course you want to do well!
      and i don’t think it’s THAT useful, since pronounciation is sucky and i bet danish people would rather i just speak english anyway. haha.
      did you finish signing yet?
      classes online in that… like, there are exercises that you do online. multiple choice thingies. and you have to finish them before the lesson, to encourage you to prep and what not BEFORE the class. lol. which i never used to think was that useful, but now that i’ve done it for two days, i can understand the logic behind it. but i still go to lectures and stuff. i’ll write more about classes after next week. :)
      yaaay to super lecturer man who got in touch with a super it man, who got in touch with a super… somebody person…. because now i have that subject up at least. not the others, but working on getting those up.

      yes, but only you like the words i think. lol. xD
      and yeah! it’s weird! some days are SOOOO pretty and blue. and other days are so fugrey. :(

      look at that super reply. :)

    • shanaya
    • September 11th, 2010

    yeah signing ended last semester. but i dont remember anything so i dont think im going to do “sign language 2”

    yeah ive had classes with weekly online things. they really are a pain but they make sure you do the work.

    lol yay superperson. ive started opening blackboard in chrome coz it just crashes firefox everytime.

    awww sad. im sure ppl like words. the words are interesting!

    its a beautiful day today and im stuck studying. but ohmygod nrl finals started. TIGERS FTW

    that really was a super reply

      • misselty
      • September 12th, 2010

      oh ok. but it’s kind of cool if you know a little bit at least?

      the thing is, the things online aren’t part of the grade, but if you don’t do them within the time period, then they close and you never get to see the questions. whereas, if you try, then you get to view the questions and your responses forever and ever. so at least try, then you can get access to the questions in case you want to revise whatever blah blah.

      ended up getting the rest of my subjects up the next day anyway. :)

      today in amsterdam was beautiful. and we were outside. looking at things. :))
      and they lost. :P

    • Monica
    • December 7th, 2010

    Hi, I stumbled onto your blog when I was looking for information about Signalhuset. I am going to KU next semester so your blog has been quite an interesting read!

    I have a question, how much time would you say it takes to go from Signalhuset to the main city part of Copenhagen? Thanks!

      • misselty
      • December 7th, 2010

      hi monica! glad that i could be of some help!
      i take the metro, and it usually takes me around 15 minutes to get to nørreport, which is where i have most of my classes, at the main city campus, near the international office. the metro comes really frequently, and so it’s quite convenient. :)
      i don’t ride a bike, but i can imagine that it can take quite long… an hour maybe?
      for more info on transport and stuff, you might want to check out this post: https://misselty2010.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/k%C3%B8benhavn-har-mange-cykler/

      i hope you have a super time in copenhagen!! and feel free to ask me anything else. :)

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