aangekomen in amsterdam!

Staying with Toby totally makes me motivated to make posts!

So yes, arrived in Amsterdam, a little earlier than expected, but by the time I got to Amsterdam Centraal Station and met up with Toby, it wasn’t that early anymore. It was looking a little touch and go when I was leaving Ørestad because toget var forsinket (delayed)… by 17 minutes!! So freaked out for a bit there, but got there in time. Then when I went to check-in, I realised I had to go to Terminal 2, rather than Terminal 3, which is where the train station is. So ran over there, self-checked in, then almost had a heart attack when it spat out a message saying that it could allocate me a seat at the current time. Heart attack continued when I went to drop my luggage and they put a big red “standby” tag on it. I must have looked super worried after the counter lady had this long animated Danish conversation with one of the other counter guys which involved a lot of pointing at the screen after having entered in my details. She then assured me that I would get my seat allocated at the gate.

Ran to the gate, obviously the furthest away from the security check point (and I beeped for the first time in a long time which was annoying). It was definitely a full flight, heaps of people at the gate. Queued for a bit before hearing my name called. Yay!

So ended up getting a window seat towards the front of the plane. I love getting window seats. :)

sunset at 8pm. love it.

I have to say, KLM (what I took to get here) is much better than SAS (which I took to Munich). My flight to Munich was over 1.5 hours and while there were snacks and beverages served, they were at your own expense. My 1 hour flight to Amsterdam with KLM offered me a snack and multiple beverages (if you wanted) and all complimentary! AWESOME. :)

serving food and drink; world's smallest coke can; biscuits that tasted like ritz!! :)

Flight wasn’t very long and I did my usual try and be useful (you can see my copy of the US Constitution under the Coke, also hence the ready availability of a highlighter for comparison) mixed with more looking out the window and taking pictures of clouds. :)

After less than an hour, we landed at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. :)

schipol airport.

Caught the sneltrein from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal, and a few msgs later I finally found Toby! Yay! Lol.

Walked a fair way to get back to the hostel and encountered some of Amsterdam’s famous night life (to put it mildly). And yes. It’s all just… out there. It’s weird to say, but I think after we walked for a bit I just got used to seeing all the the girls in the windows not to mention… Well, you should just come here and find out for yourself. :P

And now I just realised that the light shots I took on the walk to the hostel came out kind of blurry.

Anyway, a post! There you go.

Tomorrow, Toby says we’re going to museums and Anne Frank’s house and… then see what else we have time for. Who knows, maybe I will post two days in a row!


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    • shanaya
    • September 11th, 2010

    lol travel crazies.
    they call your name to board?

    omg that coke can is so cute!!

    lol. i love your amersterdam nightlife summary.

    have fun!

      • misselty
      • September 12th, 2010

      they called my name because i guess i was in the system as not having been allocated a seat? so he gave me a new boarding pass with my seat written on it (which was good, because i got a real boarding pass, as opposed to the crappy receipt quality printed one that i got from the self service machine…) and then i also got to cut the queue! :)

      ikr! but they seem to have a lot of small cans here in amsterdam.

      nothing exciting to tell you. sorry. :P

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