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waiting for class to start @ metro annexe, fiolstræde 4-6

So I know that I still have another two days to go for Amsterdam, and also the many adventures that I had traipsing around Northern Sjælland with my parents, but I wanted to write this post before I forgot my first impressions. Also, there are less photos involved, making it easier for me to post, since it’s much easier to write the posts.

Anyway, this was meant to be a post about my classes, because, yes, exchange isn’t all about classes, but they are a part of it and I do have to pass!

Some general things about classes here at KU:
– There is this thing called the academic quarter. If you can’t be bothered to read the wiki link, basically it means that when we start classes on the hour, the actual start time isn’t until quarter past the hour. So in reality, two hour classes are only 1hr 45 long. But wait, There’s more.
– Not only that, but a ‘class’ (or timer, in Danish) is considered to be 45 minutes long. So how does that work out? you ask.  Well, this means that, since most (of my) lectures/seminars are scheduled for 2 hours, then it means 2 classes. Yes, yes, I can hear you. It still doesn’t add up. Basically it means that there is an in-built 15 minute break into each lecture/seminar. Which is great. Just at that point when you are beginning to fall asleep lose concentration… BAM! You get a break! So In reality, a two hour class is only 1.5 hrs.
– As an exchange student, and with limited Danish knowledge, I’m taking Masters level classes in the Law Faculty. This kind of freaked me out at first, but in fact, it hasn’t turned out so bad.
– KU is much like UTS in the sense that there is no one campus, but rather it’s a number of campuses littered across Copenhagen. The Law Faculty is based in the City campus, and is in itself made up of a number of buildings. This has made things a little difficult, most commonly when I’m in the library, which is probably not in the most convenient location, and then I need to run up to Bethesda or Linnésgade, both up and over on the other side of Nørreport Station. Sometimes I don’t quite get the timing right and I walk in sheepishly late. But I think I’m getting the hang of it now. The thing that I have been trying to get used to is the places that they have classes in. I have most of my classes in Metro (as seen in the pic above) but also a couple of lectures in Bethesda (see pic below) which is actually a church that KU rents out, I guess particularly if it’s a large class, as well as the aforementioned Linnésgade.

lectures in bethesda.

Ok. Now to the actual subjects?

  • European and International Commercial Law
    This subject actually started a week before everything else, which was kind of annoying as I didn’t get a break in between the pre-semester Danish class and then starting this class. The course involves 2 lectures and 1 seminar, each of which are 2 1.5 hours long. This gives me more contact hours, and a heck of a lot more reading, but it’s going to be awesome not to have to worry about this subject later in the semester, since I finish up with this on in OCTOBER! It’s a required subject for the local Danish BA students, while us MA students do the same course with additional readings. This makes the lectures quite large, and while the seminars are ok-sized, I still tend to be on the quiet side. Oh well. :P I find it quite interesting though. It’s definitely a stretch, and sometimes I’m feeling a little out of my depth, and while the some of the lecturers in the rotation have been a bit difficult to follow, on the most part they have  been pretty good. I also really like the guy who takes my seminar group. He teaches pretty well and when he explains things it’s like I don’t need to do the readings at all! \o/
  • Comparative Civil Rights Protection: UK and US
    This was definitely one of the subjects that I chose because it actually sounded interesting. This is the first time that it’s been run, so our teacher is not really sure where we’re going with it, but I like the pretty relaxed feel of it. It’s much more familiar dealing with common law concepts that we’re familiar with in Australia, but I think it’s also going to be really informative, and I’m looking forward to it. This class is much smaller, and overrun with Aussies, but it’s a pretty good mix of people and yeah, I’m really enjoying it and I actually don’t mind doing the readings for this class. . :)
  • Introduction to Danish Law
    Ok, so this is probably not the most useful subject to learn, but oh well. This subject feels quite intense. It’s like a crash course on various aspects of Danish law. The thing that is difficult about it is remembering to separate the things that I already know about law at home, and learning how things are different here in Denmark. Again, it’s interesting, but not particularly the most lively content matter. Teacherman tries his best to make up for it though. e.g. strange, strange examples to help us remember certain scenarios and points of law. That and the fact that he brought in a bottle of… something and encouraged everyone to take a shot.

take a shot in intro to danish.

I know for most people, the academic side of exchange is probably not at the forefront, but I think I struggle with not doing well. So I will put in the effort and hopefully do well on all of my 100% finals… I’m really enjoying my classes at the moment though, and I hope that that continues through the rest of the semester. :)

I’m glad, though, that my timetable gives me a free Friday, so if I want to run away for a little bit I can do see. As I did last weekend. :)

So that’s about it, I guess, for classes here at KU.

I will not complain any further about the fail-ness with my student ID. Just know that I still do not have it. :(

As a grand finale, I present to you, Rector Ralf Hemmingsen. He spoke to us at the Matriculation Ceremony (2/9), welcoming us for the 2010/11 academic year. Something about mermaids and their tails and… yeah… something. FYI, the Ceremonial Hall is quite quite pretty inside. :) Just take a look!


rector ralf hemmingsen (and some of the deans)

the ceremonial hall.

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    • rach
    • September 17th, 2010

    ah your classes sound cool.
    LOL at taking a shot in class!!! thats so awesome!!! hehehe. and everything looks so pretty, like the buildings and stuff!!
    1.5 hrs classes are also awesome!

      • misselty
      • September 29th, 2010

      copenhagen is soooo pretty. and yeah, classes are good short. but then it’s bad when you are late. lol. yeah fail. xD

    • shanaya
    • September 27th, 2010

    mac uni starts and ends 5 past/to the hour, to give people time to walk between classes. although if youre going from extreme west to far east, 10 mins is not enough…i guess KU campus is bigger..

    wow masters level

    class in church. that seems weird…

    did you take a shot? what was it like?

    do you get to arrange your timetable? or just luck that you got fridays free

      • misselty
      • September 29th, 2010

      what a silly question. of course i did not take a shot. i just took a shot of people taking them. oooh yeah. see what i did there. lol.
      kind of arranged timetable when you pick subjects. there is only one set of classes so you don’t really get a choice.
      ku campus is not even a campus. :(

    • shanaya
    • October 2nd, 2010

    yes i see what you did there. oh so witty

    wordpress doesnt like me posting so fast =( it tells me: You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

      • misselty
      • October 2nd, 2010

      ikr. so so witty. :) lol.
      and lol. i’ve never had that problem. xD

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