i have a friend called shanaya  dubash
she is really great and definitely not trash
i’ve knwn her since the 7th grade
and i don’t mind that i haven’t been paid :P
because it has been an absolute joy
to be friends with her, and oh boy
we have shared so many amazing times
through school and after, i’ll try put it in rhymes
it all started when she couldn’t find her bus
at oakhill college, so i kicked up a fuss
and from then on, i haven’t looked back
as a friend there isn’t anything she does lack
except maybe height, but that’s ok
coz it makes ME feel tall, anyway.
she is always patient and knows what to say
when everything sucks, and it all looks grey
but most of all it’s the way that we can
talk about anything, there is nothing we’d ban
from tv and stars to feelings we’ve felt
there isn’t a matter with which we haven’t dealt
i just wanted to say, thank you so much
for everything, all the times you’d listen and such.
i’m sorry that i am so far away
and i can’t celebrate with you on this day
but happy birthday pya my dear
we’ll celebrate huge when i’m back next year!!
oh crap i realised i left no clue
so look to somewhere old where you
used to read your emails and things
but it’s not so hot anymore but it brings
a lot of old memories i guess
it’s what you used for most chat logs, no less.
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    • shanaya
    • September 27th, 2010

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