starting out on a journey…

the church of spilled blood, st petersburg (driftings@flickr)

So in a few hours, I have to leave for Kastrup Airport to meet up with the group that is going to RUSSIA! :)

I am super excited, and yes, I am up late because I am terrible at packing.

It’s going to be 9 days of pure awesomeness, albeit much much colder than it has been in Copenhagen so far. I hope that I do not freeze, despite the fact that I do not think that I have enough clothes…

Rumour has it that it has started to snow already! :O

In any case, not that I have been the best at updating anyway, but I shall be gone for the next week and a half.

And then when I get back, Beck will be visiting me here in Copenhagen! I cannot wait!


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  1. wah totally didnt know ure goig to russia NOW! how exciting. :)) all i can think of is anastasia! hehehe lets hope you meet a dimitri!!! have funn!!!

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