RST Day 1: If you are late, we will not wait for you.

02.30: Sleep after having completed online trial exam for EICL.
06.00: Alarm clock rings.
06.50: Leave the house, after having rushed around making sure that I had packed everything. Blue bag is much heavier than expected. Better than wheeling around broken suitcase. Grab two jam donuts bought at Bilka yesterday.
07.09: Train from Ørestad to Kastrup Lufthavn.
07.18: Arrive at Kastrup. Meet the rest of the group at the metro station.
07.45: Check in and join the super long queue for baggage drop.
08.10: Starbucks.
08.30: Go through security. It is strange to have a guy perform checks on you…
09.10: Head to gate and start to board.

departing 9.35.

09.35: Notice a strange smell on the plane…
09.50: Announcement made about how the plane has been sitting for a day and dust may have gotten into the air conditioning unit. Attempt to solve problem.
10.15: Taxi-ing. Getting ready for take off.
10.20: Complaints of smell.
10.30: “Please head to Gate Delta 103. We will get a new plane and expected time of departure is 11.30.” Proceed to get off the plane and head to the  aforementioned gate.
10.40: 7/11 stop.
11.30: Still no movement at the gate.
12.00: Everyone has boarded. Excitement now at finally being able to get off the ground.
12.15: Some navigational thing is not working. Further delays as a technician is called to try and fix it.
12.40: Orange juice is served. Small compensation is small.

small compensation is small.

12.50: Pilot makes an announcement about lunch. “I tried to get some food to be put on the plane so that we can serve you, because it is not acceptable that you haven’t eaten since your breakfast this morning. However, this was impossible. I don’t know why, it should possible, but it wasn’t. So then we thought that we would let you off the plane so that you can get food and maybe come back in an hour, but then the flight would not be able to go and it would be cancelled. And there are no more flights to St Petersburg today. So have a think about it.” One of the crew members then comes out to gauge the passenger’s reactions. There is a resounding “FLY!” from our tour group. Some of the other passengers are less vocal about their thoughts. But overall consensus is to fly.

13.10: Plane finally takes off, almost four hours behind schedule.

applause as the plane leaves the ground.

13.40: Tea/coffee is served. They’re trying to buy our favour with drinks.
14:40: Descent into St Petersburg.

first views of russia.

15.00/17.00: Russia is +2. Finally touch down in St Petersburg. Buses arrive promptly to drive us to the actual airport. Go through passport control, collect luggage, load luggage on bus, board bus, wait for girl whose luggage did not make the transition between planes, but instead got sent to Helsinki… Bus drives through Leningrad, the Soviet part of town, on the way to Hotel Azimut.

st petersburg.

19.00: Arrive at hotel, wait for keys to be distributed. Hotel system fails of course. Finally get room keys. Dump luggage. Head back down to the lobby. As a whole, the group consumes a numerous amount of Chupa Chups. :)
19.30: Leave hotel finally. Night time pictures on a moving vehicle are blurry. But night time St Petersburg is absolutely beautiful!!
20.00: Arrive at Café Jam (Ul. Ryleeva 12). It is owned by a Danish woman. We get fed real food for the first time since breakfast.

café jam (ul. ryleeva 12)

entrée (featuring reindeer meat, beetroot/herring, 'vitamin' salad, marinated salmon, egg/prawn thing); main (beef stroganoff); dessert (lemon pancakes with icecream); tea.

russian vodka shots.

22.00: Underground time. Down the super long escalator. Luckily it is now legal (apparently) to take photos. Otherwise I might be in trouble. Up until last year, it was considered to be a strategic/security issue. The underground is really quite far underground. In the case of a nuclear attack, huge doors will come down between the escalators and the underground platform and… people on the underground will be safe??

22 rubles for a token to catch the speedy underground..

the underground is... under ground.

23.00: Arrive back at the hotel after walking from station and stopping at 24 hour store to buy water… with which to brush our teeth…
01.30: Time to sleep.


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  1. wow what an eventful day! haha thats kinda funny about the whole plane delay thing. but lucky youre in russia now!! yay!
    and the underground escalator thing.. cool. and i thought epping was underground! haha! stay safe!!

    • jessl.
    • October 16th, 2010

    how exciting!
    i lol-ed at “There is a resounding “FLY!” from our tour group” hahaha.

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