a little bit of hygge.

I have had a couple of good nights recently. As you know, I am not usually the type to go out very much, and I know that I am not the most social of people… but I’ve managed to keep myself quite occupied lately. :) I do need to start taking more photos though. I hardly have as good a photographic memory as I would like. Oh well, while a picture may say a thousand words, only memory itself can fill in the blanks.

Sunday 7th:
I had a good day venturing out to Dyrehaven, and catching up with some of the Russia gang, as well as sitting by Bellevue Beach and watching the oldies and their ‘winterbathing’ (post on that later I suppose… eventually!). I came back home with my muddy boots and met up with J. We headed out to Sjælør, a few S-tog stations away from København H, to have a look at the random light installation that was there. (more info) We stood in the freezing dark, at a mere 5pm, and watched as the projector skipped through the images.

light installation.

light installation.

Then we headed back to the city for an early dinner, at my now favourite (from Sat-Tues, after 5pm) Café Dalle Valle. I went with for the first time with B when she was here, and it again failed to disappoint. :)

laks og chokolade brownie. :D

Monday 8th:
consisted of Danish class and then coming home. The end. So no, this is not one of the nights that warrants much attention.

Tuesday 9th:
Met up with C a little bit before heading over to B’s much too early. So cards and pizza, followed closely by icecream. All in all, cards makes for a good night. :) I quite enjoy these nights, whatever you may think.

Wednesday 10th:
After the smallest Danish class ever, during which my extensive failure at the language was made quite prominent, J and I headed over to B’s to partake in PANCAKES. It was good to meet a bunch of new faces, and just chill out over waaay too many pancakes! Stayed out quite late, but it was worth it. Luckily, thanks to D, I did not have to make my way home alone! This early darkness thing does make for some paranoia around these parts…

tuborg julebryg, the chefs and mountains of pancakes! (y)

pancake hygge. :)

Thursday 11th:
was yet another uneventful night, whereupon I fell asleep much too early.

Friday 12th:
L and I had planned to go to Jurahuset, but thanks to a heads up from H, we discovered that it was not actually on, for the entire month of November actually. We will never understand the way that it the stupid Fredag Bar works…! Instead, we stayed in and hung out with K before she left us blinded by her bling-y dress (:P) and ate L’s one-hour-in-the-making rice pudding. And then it was time to stream Vampire Diaries, because we are that awesome. :) Came home, and then finished watching a Morgran Freeman movie with my flatmate B.

the chef and her rice pudding.

Then tomorrow, picking up C from the airport, and back to check out her place.

Tonight, though, I think will be a quiet one in. :)


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    • shanaya
    • November 14th, 2010

    the initials are hard when i dont know the people =(

    also, im so proud of you. and a little jealous…
    you are having such an amazing time.

    i see nutella! and the pancakes place looks like someones house. oh i just reread, it is someones house. looks nice.

    hey! whats the rest of your place look like? only seen your room. and your flatmate?

    miss you, have fun!

      • misselty
      • November 14th, 2010

      lol. i also think it’s funny coz it doubles up sometime and they’re not always the same people.

      proud of me for being social? lol. but you guys are doing your eurotrip next year, no?

      nutella was a super idea. and well, someone’s house, but more like their kitchen. coz they live in a dorm, where they share the kitchen, so we kind of just overtook the common kitchen. which was fun. lol.

      didn’t i show you??? some other time maybe then. lol.

      ♥ :)

    • shanaya
    • November 16th, 2010

    lol yeah i thought they might…

    hopeuflly, but i couldnt do it alone. and dont know how social we’ll be going in a group..

      • misselty
      • November 16th, 2010

      i don’t get it!
      are proud and jealous BOTH for being social? lol.
      i thought jealous was just general europe-ness. xD

    • Anonymous Cow
    • April 23rd, 2011

    By the way your favorite café (Dalle Valle, no?) is coming out to Ørestad this year. The owner decided to open a branch in the ground floor of the black Ferring high rise that you maybe remember?

    Hope you’ll be coming back to Cph soon ;-)

      • misselty
      • April 23rd, 2011

      oh wow! that’s awesome!
      definitely will be coming back to cph… and also wondering who this is!!

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