double snow!!!

So I am currently sitting in Hostel Haraldsheim using Ben’s iTouch to write this. (Thanks Ben!) No photos now for obvious reasons but maybe this will help me get posting when I get home…

This morning, as we were leaving Signalhuset, what did we get but SNOW!! First snow of Copenhagen and what a lot of snow there was. :) We made it to the airport early enough, despite the weather, and we were faced with probably the longest security queue I’ve ever seen at Copenhagen. But we were still super early for the flight, which is certainly a first for me! Flights were a little bit delayed due to an accident on a nearby highway that a lot of airport staff were stuck in.

However, we still made it to Oslo in good time and the view from the plane… seriously breathtaking! Everything was just so white and I could not stop grinning because it was just that awesome. It totally made up for the fact that the pilot said that the local temperature was -8 degrees!!

Walked out to find that our bus was going to be another 15 minutes, so we headed back inside the airport for warmth. Soon enough, our bus arrived and half an hour-ish later, it was our stop and time to see whether I could actually survive the cold. I think I struggled more with walking up the hill to our hostel to be honest… :)

We weren’t able to actually get our rooms, so we decided to hang around until 2pm, and then get our things settled in. I did online things while Ben tried to nap, but Ellen proved too loud and distracting for him to actually get any sleep. So once we got our rooms, he went to have a real nap, while I headed out and walked around the hostel a little. I discovered an ice rink, that it is not so fun to walk on icy roads and that Rema1000 has really nice chocolate muffins! I bought them before coming back to the hostel and trying to be productive.

Ben woke eventually and after a bit we headed back to Rema to get some dinner. And so of course we got pizza. Lol. Came back, made and ate the pizza and now we are bumming in the common room.

The rooms here are pretty good and besides the fact that it is a little bit far out of the city, it is relatively easy to get around by tram and bus… Or so it seems.

Anyway, tomorrow should be good. We have lots of plans… And there is even breakfast included! Yay!


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    • shanaya
    • November 20th, 2010

    wow thats impressive too write it all on an itouch…

    yaaayyy at snow! and lol at walking on icy ground. wish i could see that =)

    have fun!!!

      • misselty
      • November 24th, 2010

      yeah i can’t believe that i’ve done nearly all on them on the touch. and they’re still pretty long to. when i get back, after toby leaves, i’ll add in the photos. let you know when i do. :) although they’ll probably be up on fb first. it’s just nicer to see them in the post no?

      lol. yeah, at least i didn’t fall. came close a number of times, but still didn’t actually fall. slipping, yes. falling, no.

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