the top # attractions in oslo.

So here I am again at the hostel, only this morning I am super tired and cannot wait to get to bed. But first, a quick recap of this morning…

  • Breakfast at the hostel before catching the underground to the parliament building, the Stortinget. We may have walked the wrong way for a bit which wasn’t fun because it was cold and it was snowing…
  • Wandered on over to the Rådhus, spied the Nobel Peace Centre, but didn’t go in, and then headed on over to the palace.
  • We headed on over to the National Gallery (free entry!), stopping a while to piccyture the University in Oslo and the National Theatre. There was a lot of art in there, but to be honest, I was just thankful for the warmth. :) but it was nice to see one of Edvard Munch’s The Screams.
  • More walking around in the freezing cold, seeing the Domkirke before stopping for some lunch at Maccas.
  • Then it was off to Akershus Fortress to watch the changing of the guards at 1:30. Got there in good time, even though the snow was starting to get heavier, so that was kind of annoying… Then just walked around the area for a bit and got some nice views of the fjord. :)
  • Decided to walk (in the cold) to the Natural History Museum, located in the Botanical Gardens. The gardens were quite pretty, all in white. The musems were also pretty good. :) we only had time to look at the Geological Museum and the Zoological Museum. Spent quite a bit of time in both, looking at the various exhibits.
  • Since it was 4pm, and most things in Oslo seem to close at 4… we headed on over to the Edvard Munch museum (currently free entry!). Saw the Scream yet again, but a different version, which was cool but also a number of others that I thought were kind of cool.
  • At 5, when Munch closed, we met up with Ben’s friend Anders and went shopping to buy some things for dinner, then went back to his place to cook foods. Well, I supervised. :) good pork, mashed peas and potato chips.
  • Hung out for a while before moving on over to Tina’s room, where her friend Mille was also. Hung out some more before heading out. The first place though had an age limit of 22… So I kind of screwed that over and felt bad for everyone else… >< but then we went to another place nearby. Then spent the rest of the night there before catching the bus home.

And now here I am. I think we may sleep in tomorrow, since things don’t open until 11… Gnites!


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    • shanaya
    • November 21st, 2010

    lol, you tend to walk the wrong way a lot in these posts…

    freaking scream. was that year 11 or 12?

    22 is so odd…you’d think either 18 or 21. actually what is the age limit around most of europe…?

      • misselty
      • November 24th, 2010

      shhhh. lol.
      scream was part of the journey booklet thing. so i think we did it term 4 year 11, which was technically year 12. i remember i also had to do it in primary school i think, and repaint it. but it was kind of cool to see it in real life. :)

      yeaah! i know right! if i was 21 i would have understood, but i still would have screwed that up for people. lol. 22 just sounds so strange.
      well since i go out all the time… lol. but i think it’s actually 18, in terms of drinking anyway. but not so sure about clubs and things.

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