(b)last day in oslo

This morning I kind of failed at waking up. I am going to blame it on the fact that my clock seems to be busted. It was showing the wrong time. So we had a really quick breakfast before showering and heading out to catch the tram. But of course the timetable in the hostel was wrong, so we quickly ran over to get the underground. Then we had to change to a bus but apparently Busterminalen means intercity buses and not local buses. Thanks to the guy at the station, we eventually found the right bus stop and finally ended up at the Viking Ship Museum (Student: 35kr). That was a really awesome place, with 3 Viking ships inside, plus all these other really interesting artifacts. It’s quite amazing to think that all this stuff exists from so long ago! They even have human remains, and all the analysis kind of reminded me of Bones. :)

After the Vikings, we walked down the road-ish to the Kon-Tiki museum (Student: 40kr). That was really cool too, since I had no knowledge of any of that… But it really made me want to go to Easter Island and the Galapagos… :D

Bus-ed to Vigeland Park, saw all the nude statues and things (as well as lots of super cute dogs) before catching the tram to Anders’ place again, hoping to cook something to eat before meeting Ben’s friend Maiken at 5pm, since we hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast and it was already 4… But of course Anders had something he had to do. So Ben and I wandered around trying to find something to eat. There were a lot of shwarama places and we ended up at one place and split a gigantic pizza. Then it was to meet Maiken and then we headed back to her place. Hung out there for a while and watched a couple of movies (Mrs Henderson Presents… and Ace Ventura) before heading out to grab something to eat. Ended up at another shwarama place. I got a lamb kebab, except the vegetable stuff was more like a random salad. Also struggled with the Arabic tea, which was really strong. Then we had to run to catch the tram home, but luckily we were able to make it.

Tomorrow we head to Bergen and then we have tickets to see Harry Potter. Yep, I am going to see it again :)


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