beautiful bergen.

Today is definitely a day that will be made up more of pictures than words. Before I get to the reason why, a quick rundown of morning events.

We woke super early and then got a quick breakfast before finishing packing, checked out and then bummed around so we didn’t have to wait for the tram in the cold. This then resulted in some running for the tram… but we still ended up being early for the train. After some problems, we got some sweet seats and got settled in for our almost 7 hour train ride.

I cannot explain in words just how amazing the journey was. The scenery along the way was seriously beautiful and I definitely want to do it again, but in the summer. It would be a lot different. This time though, the overwhelming white of the snow was, as Ben put it, quite serene. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. We were supposed to use the time productively, sleeping, reading and the like, but for me at least, the view the entire way was almost too good to pass up. I did manage a bit of shut eye and some reading of course, and before I knew it, the journey was over and we arrived in Bergen.

We found our hostel, Marken Gjestehus, quite near to the station. We checked in before heading out to explore with what little daylight (and clear skies!) that we had left. We were trying to find the main Bergen area, but ended up at the wrong bit of water. No matter, we figured it out for tomorrow. Instead, we headed to Rema to buy some kylling og pommes frittes for dinner. Net-ed a little before making dinner, eating super quick and then heading off to Bergen Kino, to watch everyone’s favourite boy wizard. Yes, the second time for me. (To my dedicated reader, Pya, you will be amused to know, I’m sure, that I managed to get us slightly lost, as I always seem to do. Lol.)

Got to the cinema and it was really pretty inside. The movie was fantastic a second time, so :)

Now I should probably have a shower as we are intending to head out early tomorrow morning. Sadly, we’re probably not going to see one of the famous Norwegian fjords, since winter is upon us and there aren’t that many tours running. But that’s ok, I like having reasons to return, because Scandinavia really is a lovely corner of the world.

Anyway, tomorrow shall be fun despite. I am kind of sad that this Norwegian adventure is almost over. :( Even if it does mean that I can finally get rid of Ben :P lol.


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