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Say hi to the post that isn’t written on the iTouch… but a MAC. My anti-Mac cred is slowly depleting… :P

Anyway, this morning we finished up the leftover chicken patties from last night, and also had some PB&J. Except I had mine separately, because I have not been converted yet. Then we headed out, totally pleased with the beautiful weather that Bergen had given us. Blue skies (which you should know by know is a requisite for me) and a little bit of sunshine. Still cold, but after everything that I have heard about Bergen being one of the rainiest cities, I was incredibly satisfied. :)

We headed down to Bryggen first, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. I wish I could tell you more… but I can’t. It’s really pretty though! That reminds me, I really want to go to the Christmas shop there…!

Walked to the end of the road and found ourselves at Rosencrantztårnet. Checked that out, as well as the rest of Bergenhus. Then headed to the Fløibanen (aka funicular) to go up Mount Fløyen. Walked around up there for a while, soaking in the beautiful view, and exploring a bit of the greenery. We saw these really cool icicles though! So that was exciting, for me at least. Although LOL to when I pointed to this random wooden sculpture that I thought looked like a bear. I was like, Oh! A bear! And then Ben totally froze, thinking I meant a real bear. That amused me a great deal… :P Maybe you had to bear there. Lol.

Came back down and went to try the Fish Market, but didn’t really see anything before we got distracted by Harbour Café and it’s 40% off. So we both got customised Double Bacon Cheeseburgers (minus tomatoes and pickles for me thanks!) which were really good. It was nice to have a decent sit down meal, other than what we’ve managed to cook ourselves. :)

After eating, we headed up to the Bergen Museums. On our way we re-visited some of the sights that we saw last night, but took pictures in the nice daylight. We ended up going with the Cultural History Collection first. It’s free for students, so that was cool. Looked around a few exhibits before we were told that the museum was closing… at 3! So we shall head back there, and to the Natural History Collection too. And besides, it’s free! :)

Made our way back to the hostel, since we were both pretty tired and just kind of wanted to sit and what not. On the way back we finally saw the lake-ish thing that is quite central in the city of Bergen, that we had sworn we had not seen. For good reason to. It is currently almost all frozen over, and we saw some people trying to move a Christmas tree into the centre… but they kind of failed. Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow and see the end result.

So now I am updating, Ben is taking a nap, and I think that we should get food soon, before Rema closes!

It’s the last day in Norway tomorrow, and I have had a fantastic time. It really is a pretty part of Scandinavia and the people here are really friendly. I’m really glad that I ended up coming here. It was looking unlikely for a long while, but yeah. I do look forward to going back to Copenhagen though!  I always do. :)

In any case, I still have one more day tomorrow, before our flight at 8pm, so we still have a bit of time. And tomorrow I will endeavour to actually take more photos of myself, you know, so that I actually have proof that I was in Norway at all!!


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