back in the cph.

So I have returned home to a partly white Copenhagen, but nowhere near as impressive as Oslo. Of course, when I came home, I had a nutritious dinner of mi goreng and Daim bar, and proceeded to fall asleep in bed with the laptop on.

I had a really good time visiting Oslo and Bergen. It was a good time away and I really feel like I saw everything that there was to see in both cities. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to go back again at some point. :) I actually find that I really like Norway. The people there seem much friendlier than Danes (like the guy on the bus who asked us whether we were ok to find our stop after watching us read the map for a fairly long time, or the random people that we asked directions from… all super nice!), and their language is definitely prettier, so much so that it sounds like they’re singing! Sure it was rather cold, but acclimatising is good at the moment. But there was something in particular about Oslo… I don’t know what it was but I really love that city. :))

A shout out to Ben is in order I guess, without whom I probably would never have gone in the first place. (I’m not even sure if he’ll read this… lol.) Thanks for putting up with me… although I guess you should thank me for putting up with you! :P But seriously, thanks for showing me around Oslo and all that, and generally organising things most days, and making decisions, because I’m bad and indecisive! :) Oh, and thanks for iTouch, so that I could while away the time in the way too early Norwegian darkness. Maybe we had a few mishaps, or at least, one major one, but that’s ok, things like that happen, and we learn. :) Lol. Now I just need to calculate how much you owe me…!

Now that I can cross Scandinavia off my list (since Finland is not technically Scandinavia, but Nordic),  it is back to the everyday life of Copenhagen… except Toby is coming to visit tomorrow today! YAY! :)) That will be fun to tourist Copenhagen all over again. :) And then, and then, it will be time to hit the books hard.


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