norway: the end.

So this morning we had rather a late start, but we didn’t have much planned for the day anyway, seeing as we needed to be back at the hostel by 4.30pm to pick up our luggage. So we started eating brunch at 11am or so, before checking out and all that jazz.

We headed back down to Bryggen to see if the stupid crane had moved but it hadn’t. But at least we took a picture to prove that we had been there, coz we kind of forgot yesterday. We also visited the Julehuset (Christmas house) but it was not as crazy Christmas-y as I thought it would be.

After that we made our way back to the Cultural History collections. We finished that up and then asked the lady at the counter where exactly the Natural History collection was, but she told us that it was in fact closed for renovations. Of course, I expect nothing less of any place in Europe!

So instead we went to the Sjøfarts Museum (aka the Maritime Museum) since it was free for students and we still had a long time to kill. So we spent a fair amount of time in there. It was rather interesting, but I do not think I will be sad to not see another boat model for a while. :)

Then we headed back to the lake and noticed that they had actually managd to get the Christmas tree in the middle.

Then it was back to Rema to stock up on more bread before returning to the hostel to pick up our luggage and just… bum.

Our flight is only at 8pm so we’re going to eat a little here before heading out to catch the bus to the airport.

But for now, I shall do some more reading… :(


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