{LDN} the one where i wake up late.

So after my very tiring night, I slept in a lot on my first morning. Sickness was getting to me a little bit also, so I only woke up at 11.30. Got out of the house by 12 and of course, London greeted me with rain on my first day there. It was only sprinkling though, so it was ok. Caught the bus to North Greenwich, and then tube-ed it to London Bridge.

london bridge station.

Got out there, and since I was due back home for dinner, I just decided to wander around the area. Out of the station, and through Hay’s Galleria, which is situated on the south bank of the Thames and used to be an old wharf in the mid-1800s, before being destroyed by fire, WWII bombings and general dilapidation. It is now a shopping and eating complex.

hay's galleria.

I then walked along the water, what is known as The Queens Walk, passing by HMS Belfast, an old Navy cruiser that was in operation during WWII. It is now home to a museum.

the queens walk; hms belfast.

And of course, I was hit with the iconic image of Tower Bridge, and took plenty of photos, being the wonderful tourist that I am. It seems that I have lost touch with my self-shooting ability…

tower bridge. (thank you self timer and dad, for the mini tripod!)

I also passed what I found out was City Hall… and apparently you can go inside too…

city hall (and random jelly bean...?!)

Before crossing the Bridge, I headed through to Shad Thames, which used to be an old warehouse complex, in the late-1800s.

shad thames. (click for bigger)

shad thames.

There are heaps of nice places in that area, though far too nice for my wallet. But I had fun looking around nonetheless. :) For example, Le Pont de la Tour

le pont de la tour.

Stopped at a sandwich shop for a late lunch (Shades Piazza Sandwich Bar, 4 Shad Thames), and I got a nice chicken/cheese/bacon wrap with a hot chocolate, which definitely warmed up my fingers.

food, glorious food!

Then it was time to cross the Thames, and the Tower Bridge! Didn’t go into the exhibition though…

tower bridge.

OMGOSH! on the bridge!

view from the bridge, via bad stitching job. (click for bigger, messier image!)

I will not mention how a creepy old guy tried to invite me into a hotel to chat, after I took these pictures…

butlers wharf, part of shad thames area.

girl with a dolphin; david wynne (1973).

I then ran away to St Katharine Docks.

st katharine docks.

And then it was on to the Tower of London. Which I did not go in either… It was getting dark already! I think it’s pretty awesome, though, that they set up the ice skating right infront of it!

tower of london, (mostly) from the wharf side.

ice skating in the moat of the tower.

unesco world heritage site.

from the north side.

Made my way to Tower Hill station, and then change and change to get home.

Followed M+C to their friend’s place for a lovely dinner. :)

And then came home to try and sleep early, to wake earlier this morning.


Relevant British news: Abbey Road was yesterday given Grade 2 listing, recognising it as a piece of heritage that is “nationally important and of special interest”. I kind of feel sorry for cars that drive through there though… You’d think they would try and avoid it….?

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    • Mom
    • December 25th, 2010

    Dad says your photography has improved greatly. He likes your pictures. We have been to most of the places in your photos except for Butlers Wharf and St katherine’s dock. Will keep that for next time.

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