the river thames, 2011.

In the middle of my time in London, which, as usual, I have failed to keep up to date with, I pause to reflect on the past year.

Certainly, it was business as usual for the better part of the beginning of it, but in all the preparation to go away, it did make me realise who and what was important to me. Being half way across the world, I knew that I would have to somehow maintain the friendships from home, with all the new-ness of exchange and travelling… I’m always the one who comes back and feels like things have moved on without me, but this time it was going to be different.

In the end, I guess I know where I stand with people, and I think that’s important going into the new year.

2010 was an amazing year for me, albeit a bit of a rollercoaster. I am so thankful for the experiences that I have had, the people who I have met, the places that I have been… :) I cannot wait for a 2011 full of much the same. :)

So, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you can look back on 2010 with joy, and look forward to everything that 2011 has to offer.


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