{LIS} in which it is foggy in the mountains of sintra.

So yesterday I woke up earl-yish to get ready for the tour to Sintra, an old Portuguese town north west of Lisbon. Met Andrew at breakfast and convinced him to come along on the trip.

We ended up leaving a bit behind schedule, but we seemed to make it up in good time.

Our driver Nunu dropped us off first at Pena Palace and the surrounding park area, which is at the top of one of the mountains of Sintra. (Ok, I should have a disclaimer that since I am doing this all on iTouch, I’m not checking things on wiki and google like I usually would. So this could all be entirely wrong!!)

We headed up first to the palace, in awe of all the mist that was on the mountain. No pictures inside the palace but it was well worth the visit. The rooms were all so cosy feeling compared to other royal residences I have seen. Fact: the Pena palace was the residence of the last three monarchs of Portugal.

After the palace, and after getting a little bit disoriented, we eventually made our way up to the cross, which marks the highest point of Sintra. On a good day you can apparently see all the way to Lisbon, but of course with all the mist we had… Definitely no luck!

After that, we headed down to the town to eat. I got some chicken, a little bit safe I know, but it was still really yummy. :) I also tried a typical Sintra style pastry, travesseiro. It was really good, with almonds and custard and stuff.

After lunch, we headed to the Regaleira Gardens, which comes with its very own network of (creepy) underground caves and tunnels, culminating in the Cave of the Orient, with its destination being the Initiatic Well, which somewhat resembles Dante’s Inferno. Then we headed back down, wandering around until we reached the mansion, which held a number of displays and exhibitions that explained the detailed planning and work that went into the building of the house as well as its surrounding grounds.

Once we finished exploring the gardens, it was time to go down the mountain, meandering through the mists of Sintra. And when we woke up we found ourselves at Cabo da Roca, the most western point of continental Europe! It as suuuuper windy, and then out of nowhere it started POURING!!! It definitely woke us up though!

A short drive later, and we found ourselves at the last stop of our tour, Cascais, a little beach town, on the way back to Lisbon. Needless to say, given the weather, we did not spend long there, but we did have enough time to snap a few pictures. :)

Back at the hostel, I bought some tarts from the bakery opposite the hostel, but they were hardly as good as the ones from Belém…!

I then decided to try to get up to St George’s Castle and have a look. Caught the old-school Lisbon tram up, and got off at a place with a nice viewpoint. But after stumbling around for a little, I realised that I was definitely in the wrong place. I did get a nice view of… some other part of the city though! And of course, as I was making my way back to the hostel, it started POURING again!

Got back to the hostel a bit drenched, and ran into Ben as he was leaving to meet up with C+N for dinner. So I quickly got changed and then went with.

We ended up at a little restaurant, that had fantastic food. I tried the beef steak, which came complete with, of course, chips and salad. But it was the dessert that won me over entirely: mango and chocolate mousse-s and rice pudding! YUUUM. :D

After hanging out for a bit, just chatting and what not, we headed back to the hostel, and chilled out until waay too early, considering the 4.30am wake up we were intending for today…

Which leads me to…


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    • Mom
    • January 8th, 2011

    Dad has already warned you that it is very wet at this time of the year in Portugal

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