{LIS>MAD>RAK} 3 meals, 3 countries.

This morning we… woke up late. But after a crazy rush we paid up and settled and hopped into our taxi. And then it wasn’t long before we were at Lisbon airport, scoffing down some pastries. (Note: meal #1- breakfast.)

Today I flew Easyjet for the first time… To MADRID!!!!

Being in Spain was so exciting for me. I don’t care that it was for only a few hours. You do not understand how badly I have wanted to go to Spain since I was really young. (And now my Rafa love doesn’t help matters much…!)

We dropped our luggage at the lockers and then headed towards the metro, changing from the pink airport line to the blue line, getting off at… Some place that I don’t quite remember now.

Luckily Ben had been to Madrid before and could kind of remember vaguely which way to go and such. So we ended up walking down Gran Via. To be honest, I can’t tell you what I saw exactly, I was just happy to be in SPAIN!! Buildings were pretty and the weather was lovely and mild (albeit cold for Sydney) and overall I was just super excited for my first time in Spain. I am now looking forward even more to visiting B and taking our trip to Barcelona!! :)

We stopped for Meal #2- lunch at a little place and got a nice toasted sandwich. Wandered around a little bit more before heading back to the airport.

First time taking Ryanair too today! But side note, Madrid airport is kind of terrible, especially getting through their security… Taking out everything you need to take out, put it all into the trays and then… Oh wait, no, you don’t put it on the moving belt. First you have to carry all your things there!! Ridiculous!

Spoke to this girl from New York while we were waiting in the queue, but once we got on the plane she disappeared. Attempted to sleep on the plane, but for a budget airline, Ryanair sure has a very active cabin crew!

Finally arrived in Marrakech to be picked up by M from the hostel, who, along with A, got us to the main souk, where we were met by another guy who guided us through the maze of stalls to the hostel, La Casa Del Sol. We were greeted with lovely mint tea and a butt of an introduction as to what to see and do in Marrakech, and what there isn’t in Casablanca.

Then we relaxed for a little while, before heading down to confirm that yes, we would like to go on the desert overnight tour with camel ride! And so we decided to forego Casablanca…

Headed out to the main square to find some dinner. In the end though, it seemed that dinner found us! (meal #3- dinner.) At stall No. 12, we tried the chicken targine and mixed skewers. We were also supplied with lots of mint tea, and we ended up ordering an extra serving of the meatballs… Koftas?

Wandered around the shops for a little while, before heading back to the hostel, just in time for a cold shower…! :(

So tomorrow we leave at 7.00 for the desert tour, and we will be staying out overnight in nomad tents. Look at me go, definitely expanding my horizons beyond my comfort zones… Without amenities!! :)

Write more when I’m back!


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