{RAK} traipsing around the medina (old town).

Monday in Marrakech, and we slept in quite a bit, trying to recover from the little sleep that we had on our overnight desert trip.

le casa del sol

When we finally did get out of the hostel, we were at first struck by how strange the square seemed to be without all the food stalls set up, replaced instead with the snake charmers, and monkey people… and yes, I did get monkey-ed, but we got out of that pretty quickly. They’re quite persistent though…

jemaa el fna by day.

First stop was the bank, then post office to try so that I could try to change some money. Note: do not try to use old USD notes, because the woman in the post office will not accept them…!

We tried our luck at one of the cafés around the square. There were a lot around, so we kind of just went with the one that seemed to have a lot of people and ended up at Restaurant Toubkal (under the Coca-Cola awnings to the south-east of the square). The food wasn’t as great as eating at the night markets… but I think it might be something to do with the atmosphere… It’s like eating in Singapore hawker centres vs. eating at Food Republic. Same kind of food, but just… not quite the same.

We got the soup, a chicken and almond pastilla (which was quite strange), lamb ribs and kafta tajine, because honestly, what is a meal in Morocco without a tajine. :D


After that, we tried to wander in various directions to get to the palace, but seemed to keep getting lost no matter which way we went… so after meandering through random streets of the souks, we just took what we thought would be the safest route, by the main street, using the minaret of Koutoubia Mosque as a landmark.

one of the many photos i took of it... :)

When we were about to give up, having wandered through various small streets, we spotted a sign that had a picture that looked like a palace, and so we followed it hesitantly and…

Partial success! We arrived at Bahia Palace, with a minimal entrance fee.

there were bananas!

some rather uninspiring photos of the palace...

silly shadow...

Once we finished exploring the palace, we set out back towards the hostel, spying a few things as we went along…

carpets, spices and dyes?

We stopped by a little patisserie on the way back, Patisserie fine Marrakech (13 av. Houmane El Fetouaki, website apparently doesn’t exist anymore…!).

pretty, fruity (?) drink that we didn't get, pastries galore, our cakes :D

We finally made it back to the square, in time to see all the food stalls getting ready for the evening.

setting up for the evening.

Ben decided to rest a little bit back at the hostel, while I thought I would head out and wander a little bit and look at the shops, to get a feel for the kind of things that I wanted to buy… yeah, but after a while, as it was getting dark, I decided to come back… good thing too, because when I was back, I checked Facebook (as you do) and found a message from T&Z about dinner that night.

So we headed out to meet them at 20.30, at our favourite #40 Juice Man (I am totally doing promo for him!) and stopped to try one of the cookies that all the girls and ladies seem to be selling… SOO GOOD!! 1 DH for a fantabulous cookie. :)

We then headed to stall #75, since they seemed to be quite friendly (ok, so they’re ALL friendly…!) as Ben and I were walking to meet up with T&Z.

stall #75, chicken skewers, sausages and calamari.

Now, when I tell you to LOOK AT THE MENU, whatever you do, MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOOK AT THE MENU!! Otherwise you may run into problems like we did, of strange addition at the end of the day… We had problems also because they ended up bringing out two of most of the things that we ordered, but we had initially only really wanted one…

In the end though, after returning to stall #12 for some delicious kafta, as we walked back past #75, with a slight sense of trepidation might I add, the guy came over and shook Z’s hand. So all in all, a happy-ish kind of ending. But still, lesson definitely learnt.

T&Z came over to our hostel and we just hung out for a better part of the night, chatting and such.

I’m really glad that we met the two of them on the desert trip! And I’ll be visiting T in Barcelona soon!!

Tomorrow I am going to market with… L! YAAAY! So excited to see her again, and then will head up to Bath with her, and stay the night… and then hopefully see a bunch of rocks! :)

And then I have two more days of Marrakech to enlighten you all with. Hey, at least this one had pictures!


late night marrakech.

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