{SFX} orientation day.

So I did not get out as early as I had envisioned, but joined roomie S for breakfast at the  café downstairs. French breakfast. :)

french breakfast, complete with nougat creme (which tastes like nutella!) and jam.

Then wandering around, trying to make my way to Brandenburg Gate for the New Berlin free walking tour. However, as usual, I got a little lost, but this time I blame it on maps that don’t show all the streets properly… but was amused nonetheless… then ran into Marienkirche, Rotes Rathus, the TV Tower and Neptune’s Fountain.

hackescher markt.

marienkirche and the tv tower.

rotes rathus, netptune's fountain and marienkirche again.

Walked down towards Brandenburg, and passed by the Berliner Dom and the Altes Museum.

berliner dom and, yep, you guessed it, the altes (old) museum.

Then had to run down, to make it in time for the 1pm tour.

Met Jonny and the rest of the group, and then we were taken around Berlin for a good 4  hours or so of walking and sightseeing.

pariser platz, featuring the brandenburg gate and hotel adlon (aka the-hotel-where-mj-dangled-his-baby-off-the-balcony).

markers of the berlin wall.

memorial to the murdered jews of europe.

where hitler's bunker used to be... under this block of flats and the adjoining carpark.

17 june 1953 memorial, outside what used to house the ministry of aviation (in nazi times), then later the house of ministries, with the socialist mural still displayed in contrast.

remains of the berlin wall, marker near checkpoint charlie, me with my left foot in east germany, and my right in west.

checkpoint charlie.

We took a break to warm up, as it had begun to snow a little. Stopped off at Aroma (Friedrichstrasse 200, 10117 Berlin), which seems to be the New Berlin stop of choice (better than the Starbucks in Munich!).

hot chocolate break.

And then we were on our way again!

gendarmenmarkt: deutscher dom, konzerthaus, französische dom.

bebelplatz: memorial to the book burning ceremony held 10 may 1933.

berlin fashion week makes its presence known at bebelplatz...

neue wache (new guardhouse): the central memorial of the federal republic of germany for the victims of war and tyranny

We ended just behind the Berliner Dom and went to the DDR restaurant, at a discount thanks to New Berlin. :)

jägerschnitzel with pasta and spicy tomato sauce.

Then I set off on my own to explore the Pergamon Museum, which was open late since it was a Thursday night.

pergamon museum, pergamon altar, market gate of miletus, the processional way of babylon.

the ishtar gate.

Made my way slowly back to the hostel…

night in berlin: berliner dom, tv tower and rotes rathus.

Before stopping at Rosen Burger (Brunnenstraße 196, 10119 Berlin) to grab a bit of a late night feast. Burgers there are awesome.

late dinner at rosen burger.

Today, I went back to a few of the places to read things, so photos will be a little similar… but that will have to wait for tomorrow I think.


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    • January 22nd, 2011

    It should be SXF not SFX for berlin

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