{BRU} hi, i’m alive!

Yes, I know I am terrible at updating. I think for the entire year, I will still be posting, just recapping all the days that I have failed to post about…!

So yeah, I am now in Brussels! I got here Monday evening, and spent a lovely day walking the city. I won’t write fully about it, since this is just a quick one, but I will say something about…

manneken pis!


One of the few memories that I could have told you about 6 months ago of the trip that I took to Europe when I was 6 was of walking to see this little statue. I didn’t remember the statue itself, although I knew would it looked like from pictures. It was one of the reasons I was intrigued to come (back) to Brussels, and see if what I remembered was actually how it is in real life.

My memory: I can remember walking through a square, through a little alleyway, crossing a road… and then seeing the statue on a corner of a rose garden.

Reality: Today, I walked through the Grand Place (a square), down one of the side streets (narrow enough to maybe be considered an alley?). I did have to cross one road, but it wasn’t as close to the statue as I thought. The statue was indeed on a corner, but there was no garden in sight, let alone any roses.

Memory is a funny thing…



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