seven months and four days later…

I have:

– visited 15 countries
– visited far more cities
– made far too many plane trips
– seen some amazing places
– totally out museum-ed and church-ed myself
– eaten some delicious food
– made fantastic friends from all over the world
– learnt to say ‘thank you’ in a number of languages
– learnt some spastic Danish
– spent way too much money
– doubled the luggage that I brought with me
– gotten over my distaste for Skype
– experienced weather from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius
– become more independent… maybe? :D
– appreciated far more everything that my parents do for me
– visited family and friends scattered around the world
– been spectacularly fail at updating this blog

And finally:

– realised that there really is no place like home.. even if I currently feel a bit restless… :)

touchdown in sydney.

Thank you to everyone who has read and kept up to date with what I have been doing since I left last July. Since I have been so lame at updating on all my travels while I have been away, I think I will spend a better part of this year catching up, just so that I have a record of everything in one little place of the interwebs. So feel free to keep checking back. :)

In the meantime though, it is back to uni, and really studying. :)


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  1. Nothing is better than traveling. The experience itself is the best teacher. I have been enjoying this for years though never for 7 months at the stretch!

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