21st august: a day of festival-ities.

It was a Saturday and I had planned to go to Fælledparken to check out the Fair Fælled Festival. I metro-ed it to Frederiksberg, but instead was distracted by the Pride Parade. Here are just a few snapshots. :)

leading the parade.

just some of the many colourful faces.

the batman and robin made me laugh.

even the swedes came out!

Once the street cleared, I tried waiting for a bus, but that failed, so I did some fantastic public transport jumping, ending up at Østerport station, and then hopping on a bus to get to Fælledparken.

My noob-ness with the area had me dropping at Parken, the national stadium of Denmark, and home to FC København, who I regretfully never saw play. I was apparently around on the day of a home game, because there were mad supporters around everywhere.


Then a bit of getting lost exploring…

not quite through the wilderness.

Before arriving at the festival.

the stage and the stalls.

Spent a few hours there, and met some friends from my Danish class as well, so just chilled, listening to the music, eating a little…

Then wandered back towards the station on foot.

around østerport.

I miss that feeling of wonder and excitement, getting lost only to find something else on the way.


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