a slice of scandinavian sweetness.

This evening, my family and I headed to IKEA to pick up a few things.

We also stopped by the IKEA restaurant, where, if you are a member of IKEA Family, you get a free hot beverage! So we did that, and I figured that I needed a little bit of Scandinavia to tide me over all the photo sorting that I have been doing over the weekend (on Facebook, mind you… they’ll get here eventually!).


It was soooo good! Such a lovely reminder of my beloved Scandinavia. In particular, it reminds me of when C brought the Almondy cake to dinner at B’s… and we ate it. :D

Even just being in IKEA, surrounded by svensk, which is so close to dansk!

And if you couldn’t tell, this is a post to say how much I am still missing it. :(
I think I have been ruined forever.


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