for to måneder siden (two months ago…)

Ok, so two months ago, I was home already. I missed the 25th, but oh well. Life goes on.

While I do not think that my mind has come back from Europe yet, it’s a part of my heart that I think still hasn’t come back from Singapore… (excuse the cheese!)

I spent a good two weeks in Singapore, staying with Mama (Dad’s mum), saying goodbye to the house (even if I didn’t know it yet), hanging out with all the relos from both sides and even some of my parents’ friends, eating to my stomach’s content, aching to buy stuff but for the lack of luggage space…

I have said it somewhere before, possibly when I flew into Singapore en route to Copenhagen, but flying into Singapore feels like coming home. Although I don’t think that I could ever get used to permanently living there, there’s something about it that always calls me back. Of course, family is a big factor in that, but there’s something else as well…

In any case, just a little introduction to some of the relos. I miss them all dearly. :(

at westlake for a tan fam dinner. cousin photo! (although, minus a fair few...!)

celebrating my 21st with just some of the lees at crystal jade. :)

I didn’t take very many pictures of the family, although I should have. Next time. :)

Anyway, culture shock be damned, I think I may have settled in at home. It’s still hard to soothe those itchy feet, but this is home. For now. :)

And real life awaits. (Although, I am super jealous that Mum is headed back ‘home’ on Friday…!)


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