to the duke and duchess of cambridge,

the duke and duchess of cambridge.

While I did not enjoy the insane hype in the week leading up to your nuptials today, I have to say that even I tuned in to share your happy day.

However, despite most people’s attentions focused on you, I have to say, my eyes were peeled for my preferred royals. I was disappointed to only find the 247th in line to the British throne in attendance – Queen Margrethe II.

In any case, I was delighted to see her seated so close to the altar, although, since she is your grandmother’s cousin, I can see how this would be fitting.

Didn’t she look lovely… albeit a little reminiscent of another much publicised (but only in Denmark) recent royal event – the christening of the twins. Take a look!

her majesty the queen, in what i have read is 'robin's egg blue'.

In addition to my Danish royal spotting, I did so love to see your beautiful London dressed up as it was. It was definitely a far cry to the predominantly grey London that I saw while I was there earlier in the year. However, I will take this moment to relive a beautiful afternoon I spent at the top of the Monument.

london in mid-january, 3-4pm.

Thank you for letting 2 billion people, and I, share in your special day.

Best wishes,

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