for to måneder siden (two months ago…)

Ok, so two months ago, I was home already. I missed the 25th, but oh well. Life goes on.

While I do not think that my mind has come back from Europe yet, it’s a part of my heart that I think still hasn’t come back from Singapore… (excuse the cheese!)

I spent a good two weeks in Singapore, staying with Mama (Dad’s mum), saying goodbye to the house (even if I didn’t know it yet), hanging out with all the relos from both sides and even some of my parents’ friends, eating to my stomach’s content, aching to buy stuff but for the lack of luggage space…

I have said it somewhere before, possibly when I flew into Singapore en route to Copenhagen, but flying into Singapore feels like coming home. Although I don’t think that I could ever get used to permanently living there, there’s something about it that always calls me back. Of course, family is a big factor in that, but there’s something else as well…

In any case, just a little introduction to some of the relos. I miss them all dearly. :(

at westlake for a tan fam dinner. cousin photo! (although, minus a fair few...!)

celebrating my 21st with just some of the lees at crystal jade. :)

I didn’t take very many pictures of the family, although I should have. Next time. :)

Anyway, culture shock be damned, I think I may have settled in at home. It’s still hard to soothe those itchy feet, but this is home. For now. :)

And real life awaits. (Although, I am super jealous that Mum is headed back ‘home’ on Friday…!)



the twentieth of november two thousand and ten.

ørestad, mid-december.

It has been four months since I left the shores of my beloved Copenhagen.

While I posted about my leaving, I did not post about the day that I thought was going to be my last day. The day that I spent running around like crazy, trying to capture as much as I could. Trying to bring every single part of København away with me…

It all started with the snow, knowing that it might just be the last time, for a while, that I experienced snow like that.

waiting for the metro.

Walking through familiar streets, streets that I had walked down countless of times over the months, to uni, to eat, to meet, to wander, to get lost… But I feel like I know these streets like the back of my hand now…

fiolstræde, nørregade, sankt peders stræde- some of my most frequented streets.

Bikes, bikes everywhere. Even though I did not ever ride, I will miss the seeming effortlessness of all the cyclists, cruising along, threatening to knock me over… But what would Copenhagen be without them?

københavn har mange cyckler.

I had meant to visit Konditori La Glace the entire time that I was in Copenhagen, but had never found the time to do so. So I rushed there on my last day, and ordered a slice of Efterårskage (or Autumn Cake), together with two serves of hot chocolate.

la glace, og min efterårskage.

The cake was fabulously rich in chocolate, as you can probably tell from the picture, but it was so lovely, just to sit there, inside away from the cold, and contemplating my last day…

And of course, once I was done, the chilly blue skies decided to come out to play, and even that low winter’s sun.


It’s blue skies and sun like that, that made me love winters in Copenhagen. Winter days like this were few, but still, definitely worth the wait.

'med lov skal man land bygge' (with law shall country be built)

The City Court of Copenhagen, situated along Nytorv, bears the above inscription, which is from the Preamble of The Law of Jutland, which actually means something to me, since I took Introduction to Danish Law!

More pandering along, and then it was time to start heading home, pack the last few things (not knowing yet that my flight was to be cancelled…!)

københavn hovedbanegård.

On the train, homeward bound.

like so many journeys home.

kalveboderne, going from sjælland to amager.

And then arriving at Ørestad to find this…

no trains again. dsb sucks.

Oh, the joys of trains, plus snow.

My final trek through Fields, to visit my one and only…

bilka onestop, onelove.

And a final goodbye to the actual place that I called home for five months.

mit hjem, signalhuset.

It was terribly sad to say goodbye, and even going through, reliving my last day in Copenhagen has made me a little teary. I still miss it, four months on. It’s a hard place to shake, but I don’t think that you could ever really understand that unless you have been there, lived there, and then had to leave.

A part of me will always call Copenhagen home, and I know that I will be back there one day.

København, jeg savner dig.


nordisk mad.

Skimming through SMH today, I found this article that reports that noma has placed in as the world’s best restaurant, for the second time in a row!


Even though I was in Copenhagen for a good five months, I never went to noma to eat. Besides the insane rush for reservations, you certainly pay for the notoriety of the establishment, and I just could not quite justify it.

However, fellow Sydney-sider Bryce scored a reservation and you can check out his gastronomic experience here. Just looking at his photos is making me somewhat regretful that I didn’t go…

Oh well, just another reason for me to return to my beloved Copenhagen. :)


a slice of scandinavian sweetness.

This evening, my family and I headed to IKEA to pick up a few things.

We also stopped by the IKEA restaurant, where, if you are a member of IKEA Family, you get a free hot beverage! So we did that, and I figured that I needed a little bit of Scandinavia to tide me over all the photo sorting that I have been doing over the weekend (on Facebook, mind you… they’ll get here eventually!).


It was soooo good! Such a lovely reminder of my beloved Scandinavia. In particular, it reminds me of when C brought the Almondy cake to dinner at B’s… and we ate it. :D

Even just being in IKEA, surrounded by svensk, which is so close to dansk!

And if you couldn’t tell, this is a post to say how much I am still missing it. :(
I think I have been ruined forever.


21st august: a day of festival-ities.

It was a Saturday and I had planned to go to Fælledparken to check out the Fair Fælled Festival. I metro-ed it to Frederiksberg, but instead was distracted by the Pride Parade. Here are just a few snapshots. :)

leading the parade.

just some of the many colourful faces.

the batman and robin made me laugh.

even the swedes came out!

Once the street cleared, I tried waiting for a bus, but that failed, so I did some fantastic public transport jumping, ending up at Østerport station, and then hopping on a bus to get to Fælledparken.

My noob-ness with the area had me dropping at Parken, the national stadium of Denmark, and home to FC København, who I regretfully never saw play. I was apparently around on the day of a home game, because there were mad supporters around everywhere.


Then a bit of getting lost exploring…

not quite through the wilderness.

Before arriving at the festival.

the stage and the stalls.

Spent a few hours there, and met some friends from my Danish class as well, so just chilled, listening to the music, eating a little…

Then wandered back towards the station on foot.

around østerport.

I miss that feeling of wonder and excitement, getting lost only to find something else on the way.


17th sept: students only!-fest 2010 @ det sorte diamant

So, I am not the most party-going person. But when I heard about the Students Only!-fest to be held at Det Sorte Diamant (The Black Diamond, aka The Royal Library), I must admit, I was a little bit more than fascinated, and figured that I should at least feel a little bit of the ‘normal’ exchange lifestyle. :P

Metro-ed to Christanshavn and then walked across the bridge. Oh how I miss Copenhagen with remnants of light… at 8pm! Although, it was fading very quickly by this time.

in the fading light: towards the west side (top) and then across the way to christianshavn (bottom)

det sorte diamant (on the right)

I got there around 20.30, because I’ve never been too sure about the whole ‘fashionably late’ concept. Although in retrospect, it was probably a good thing. Met up with SH and then we headed in. There were actually quite a lot of people there already, but it wasn’t very vibe-y. Met some people, as you do, and then hung around listening to the various acts. To be honest, the whole time, I was just amused by the fact that it was a library, and you spent most of your time in a library getting told to shut up, except on this night, there was heaps of music and flowing alcomohol… not to mention a crazy light show!

light art

So, I think one of the reasons I don’t like parties so much, is because of the music… It’s not really my kind of style. And it was the same on the night… at least, until the boys from The Rumour Said Fire came on. :)


We actually headed down to get closer to the bridge and the band, saw two guys get totally rejected by these two other girls… then figured that it was time to head home, because we’re cool like that.

In the end though, apparently it got really full, and a whole lot of people who came later couldn’t actually get in! So, while I may have been unfashionably early, I came, I saw, and I was thoroughly amused. :)

And my adventure into exchange party-life?

Well, let’s just say that I haven’t changed that much. :)


change of seasons

So it’s been 3 weeks since I have been home. Just when I felt like I was getting into the scheme of things again, getting used to uni, being at home, having people around again… all this talk of planning holidays as me missing it all over again.

I am super excited for people to explore parts of the world that I have seen, and parts that I haven’t.

But I’m also itching to get moving again.

That travel bug has definitely not been satisfied.


‘Cause inside you’re working
You’re mending what’s broken,
‘Cause our love ain’t easy
It changes with seasons
– change of seasons; sweet thing