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the twentieth of november two thousand and ten.

ørestad, mid-december.

It has been four months since I left the shores of my beloved Copenhagen.

While I posted about my leaving, I did not post about the day that I thought was going to be my last day. The day that I spent running around like crazy, trying to capture as much as I could. Trying to bring every single part of København away with me…

It all started with the snow, knowing that it might just be the last time, for a while, that I experienced snow like that.

waiting for the metro.

Walking through familiar streets, streets that I had walked down countless of times over the months, to uni, to eat, to meet, to wander, to get lost… But I feel like I know these streets like the back of my hand now…

fiolstræde, nørregade, sankt peders stræde- some of my most frequented streets.

Bikes, bikes everywhere. Even though I did not ever ride, I will miss the seeming effortlessness of all the cyclists, cruising along, threatening to knock me over… But what would Copenhagen be without them?

københavn har mange cyckler.

I had meant to visit Konditori La Glace the entire time that I was in Copenhagen, but had never found the time to do so. So I rushed there on my last day, and ordered a slice of Efterårskage (or Autumn Cake), together with two serves of hot chocolate.

la glace, og min efterårskage.

The cake was fabulously rich in chocolate, as you can probably tell from the picture, but it was so lovely, just to sit there, inside away from the cold, and contemplating my last day…

And of course, once I was done, the chilly blue skies decided to come out to play, and even that low winter’s sun.


It’s blue skies and sun like that, that made me love winters in Copenhagen. Winter days like this were few, but still, definitely worth the wait.

'med lov skal man land bygge' (with law shall country be built)

The City Court of Copenhagen, situated along Nytorv, bears the above inscription, which is from the Preamble of The Law of Jutland, which actually means something to me, since I took Introduction to Danish Law!

More pandering along, and then it was time to start heading home, pack the last few things (not knowing yet that my flight was to be cancelled…!)

københavn hovedbanegård.

On the train, homeward bound.

like so many journeys home.

kalveboderne, going from sjælland to amager.

And then arriving at Ørestad to find this…

no trains again. dsb sucks.

Oh, the joys of trains, plus snow.

My final trek through Fields, to visit my one and only…

bilka onestop, onelove.

And a final goodbye to the actual place that I called home for five months.

mit hjem, signalhuset.

It was terribly sad to say goodbye, and even going through, reliving my last day in Copenhagen has made me a little teary. I still miss it, four months on. It’s a hard place to shake, but I don’t think that you could ever really understand that unless you have been there, lived there, and then had to leave.

A part of me will always call Copenhagen home, and I know that I will be back there one day.

København, jeg savner dig.



to flea, or not to flea.

Copenhagen is a haven for markets, whether the larger, organised markets, or the more local ‘loppemarked’ i.e. a flea market. It seems like there has been one every weekend. I’ve been to a number over the past few weeks, mostly having just stumbled across them randomly as I’m walking down the street.

loppemarked. (14th august; fiolstræde)

I went to the Kunsthåndværkermarkedet (Arts and Crafts Market) at Frue Plads. This reminded me of the Finders Keepers Markets that I went to with Jess in July, except for the fact that it seemed much more like fine arts and crafts than handicrafts. But it was still cool to see.
kunsthåndværkermarkedet at frue plads. (14th august)

a sample of the wares.

Behind the pretty exterior of the housing blocks, there seems to usually be a central common courtyard/garden type area. All of the residents come out and set up their own little stall to sell their own things. It’s quite interesting to see the sense of community that each ‘complex’ has. It seems like here you really do know your neighbours. I think that sense of local community is somewhat lost in suburban Sydney. While my parents were here, they stayed at a hotel in Østerport, so we did a bit of wandering around there. It so happened to be a Saturday, and there were a number of blocks that had decided to use that day as their market day.

loppemarked. (4th september; blegdamsvej)

I’m not really a buyer, though. I just like looking and there’s always the excitement that you miiight find something cool. :)
Two weeks ago, I ventured to Frederiksberg and visited the Jægersborggade Loppemarked.

jægersborggade loppemarked. there were also a number of craft stores. (24th sept)

the street, a record store, a display of pez dispensers and an interestingly decorated cart.

To top this post off, last Saturday (2nd October) I braved the cold cold winds of Copenhagen and visited a number of the other outdoor markets that Copenhagen had to offer, before they closed up for the year.

First up was Israels Plads.

israels plads. (2nd october)

I already mentioned that you can find interesting things at markets…

signs and tins.

a mini piano and an old phone.

Then I caught the bus up the road to the Nørrebro Loppemarked, on Nørrebrogade, along Assistens Kirkegard.

i really like the yellow wall of assistens kirkegard. (2nd october)

It was kind of messy though, with a lot of things just piled on the sidewalk.

piles of treasures.

Last but not least, I visited Frederiksberg Loppemarked, in the carpark of Frederiksberg Rådhus. When I went last Saturday, I got there a bit late and people were getting ready to pack up, so I didn’t really get that good a look at things. Plus, my fingers were starting to freeze from the winds. Since this past Saturday (9th October) was such a gloriously sunny day, I went back to Frederiksberg and stopped by the market again, before heading to Frederiksberg Slot and the surrounding gardens (but that’s a post for another day…).

first impressions (2nd october), second time round brought funny toys, the carlsberg van returned, and would you look at that blue sky! (9th october)

After all these markets, I haven’t really bought anything. The best purchase has got to be my Mads Nørgaard coat, that I wore for the first time today. I couldn’t have gotten much better. :) Still, it’s always fun to looksee at things. :)

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. Finally getting around to posting it. I have a lot of things to catch up on, I am aware of this. Slowly but surely… eventually. :)