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farvel til mine venner! <3

global smølfedag i tivoli (25 juni 2011).

So apparently it is Global Smurf Day today, well I guess yesterday now. In celebration, Tivoli put on a whole bunch of events, which I think is pretty cool. :)

Also, this weekend is the first weekend that I have felt like I really don’t have anything immediate or pressing to do. Yes, this means that I am finally on holidays! So, amongst all the things that need to be done in the next month or so, hopefully I will be able to update a lot of things. :)

Spent the day helping P pack so that was quite fun, but also made me think back to the last couple of days before I left, both Sydney home and Copenhagen home. I guess Copes was worse, because the only choices were bag, bin or box. And then once the box was gone, it really became quite difficult…

I like to think that as a result of all the travelling I have become a bit better at packing lightly. We’ll see, next time I end up anywhere… :)

To the Europe guys, if you end up seeing this, I hope that you have a fantastic time away. It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t quite imagine it all in summer. I’m totally jealous, but also super excited for all of you to fall in love with that part of the world, just like I did. :)

And because this post wouldn’t be a post without a little bit of photo-ness from my time away, here are a few shots from one of the times that I visited Tivoli (23rd sept), thanks to the free September entry for KU students! :D


tivoli attractions: koncertsalen, glassalen, himmelskibet (star flyer)

i thought this game was cute. can't remember what you had to do though.

a lovely performance of a pirates of the caribbean medley, by the tivoli promenade orchestra.

pantomimeteatret. (i can't remember right now what the performance was called...)

nimb vinotek/brasserie and lights.

maNga, the turkish entry for eurovision 2010, were performing that night.

the lights of tivoli.

tivoli illuminations.

tivoli, from vesterbrodgade.

a final loser photo from me. :)



This time last year, I was in the midst of cramming of exams Equity & Trusts (the Law requirement before you can go on exchange) and trying to plan out how I was going to spend my first couple of weeks, and what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go, and just figuring out the grand plan for everything. It felt like there were so many things to organise…

If you recall, I tried to learn Danish, and spectacularly failed. I had considered attending classes at Frederikskirken, the Danish Church over in Pennant Hills, but was told that I was too late for enrolments. This made me far more disappointed than I thought it would, but in any event, I told myself that I would go through exchange with no regrets.

Looking back, I really don’t have (m)any. Sure, maybe I could have done some things differently, but that would have been more of a curiosity thing, to see how things would have turned out, rather than because of any dissatisfaction with the way that they did.

I have mentioned before, somewhere, I don’t know whether it was here or Facebook, but I really had wished that I had made it to a FC København match…

Anyway, my point for this post, is the following video that made me wish a little that I had experienced a little bit of this craziness. :)

Note: This video was taken in Aarhus/Århus (depending on which view you prefer. See here for an article about the controversy!) Anyway, yeah, that’s where my original first choice, but due to mix ups and misunderstandings, I did not end up going there… Just a side note!

Anyway, yeah, things like that make me happy. :)

And because this post would not be a post without a photo, here’s one I prepared earlier, me being a super fan over a different sport, from an amazing country that I am still yet to post about… :)


ice hockey at ice palace, st petersburg. :)

21st august: a day of festival-ities.

It was a Saturday and I had planned to go to Fælledparken to check out the Fair Fælled Festival. I metro-ed it to Frederiksberg, but instead was distracted by the Pride Parade. Here are just a few snapshots. :)

leading the parade.

just some of the many colourful faces.

the batman and robin made me laugh.

even the swedes came out!

Once the street cleared, I tried waiting for a bus, but that failed, so I did some fantastic public transport jumping, ending up at Østerport station, and then hopping on a bus to get to Fælledparken.

My noob-ness with the area had me dropping at Parken, the national stadium of Denmark, and home to FC København, who I regretfully never saw play. I was apparently around on the day of a home game, because there were mad supporters around everywhere.


Then a bit of getting lost exploring…

not quite through the wilderness.

Before arriving at the festival.

the stage and the stalls.

Spent a few hours there, and met some friends from my Danish class as well, so just chilled, listening to the music, eating a little…

Then wandered back towards the station on foot.

around østerport.

I miss that feeling of wonder and excitement, getting lost only to find something else on the way.


to flea, or not to flea.

Copenhagen is a haven for markets, whether the larger, organised markets, or the more local ‘loppemarked’ i.e. a flea market. It seems like there has been one every weekend. I’ve been to a number over the past few weeks, mostly having just stumbled across them randomly as I’m walking down the street.

loppemarked. (14th august; fiolstræde)

I went to the Kunsthåndværkermarkedet (Arts and Crafts Market) at Frue Plads. This reminded me of the Finders Keepers Markets that I went to with Jess in July, except for the fact that it seemed much more like fine arts and crafts than handicrafts. But it was still cool to see.
kunsthåndværkermarkedet at frue plads. (14th august)

a sample of the wares.

Behind the pretty exterior of the housing blocks, there seems to usually be a central common courtyard/garden type area. All of the residents come out and set up their own little stall to sell their own things. It’s quite interesting to see the sense of community that each ‘complex’ has. It seems like here you really do know your neighbours. I think that sense of local community is somewhat lost in suburban Sydney. While my parents were here, they stayed at a hotel in Østerport, so we did a bit of wandering around there. It so happened to be a Saturday, and there were a number of blocks that had decided to use that day as their market day.

loppemarked. (4th september; blegdamsvej)

I’m not really a buyer, though. I just like looking and there’s always the excitement that you miiight find something cool. :)
Two weeks ago, I ventured to Frederiksberg and visited the Jægersborggade Loppemarked.

jægersborggade loppemarked. there were also a number of craft stores. (24th sept)

the street, a record store, a display of pez dispensers and an interestingly decorated cart.

To top this post off, last Saturday (2nd October) I braved the cold cold winds of Copenhagen and visited a number of the other outdoor markets that Copenhagen had to offer, before they closed up for the year.

First up was Israels Plads.

israels plads. (2nd october)

I already mentioned that you can find interesting things at markets…

signs and tins.

a mini piano and an old phone.

Then I caught the bus up the road to the Nørrebro Loppemarked, on Nørrebrogade, along Assistens Kirkegard.

i really like the yellow wall of assistens kirkegard. (2nd october)

It was kind of messy though, with a lot of things just piled on the sidewalk.

piles of treasures.

Last but not least, I visited Frederiksberg Loppemarked, in the carpark of Frederiksberg Rådhus. When I went last Saturday, I got there a bit late and people were getting ready to pack up, so I didn’t really get that good a look at things. Plus, my fingers were starting to freeze from the winds. Since this past Saturday (9th October) was such a gloriously sunny day, I went back to Frederiksberg and stopped by the market again, before heading to Frederiksberg Slot and the surrounding gardens (but that’s a post for another day…).

first impressions (2nd october), second time round brought funny toys, the carlsberg van returned, and would you look at that blue sky! (9th october)

After all these markets, I haven’t really bought anything. The best purchase has got to be my Mads Nørgaard coat, that I wore for the first time today. I couldn’t have gotten much better. :) Still, it’s always fun to looksee at things. :)

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. Finally getting around to posting it. I have a lot of things to catch up on, I am aware of this. Slowly but surely… eventually. :)


for blue skies.

I went to the beach today, Amagerstrand. I normally do not like the beach. Back home, I tend to avoid it like the plague. But today I went to the beach. It’s surprising. So here is evidence.

it is the beach and the sky is blue.

it was windy also. with strange sand.

The sky was blue and the sun shone some of the time. It was also very windy. The water was blue. There was seaweed all along the shoreline. The sand was not like sand at home. It was full of pebbles and shells, and leftover crab. I could do with a nice mudcrab.

sand. seaweed. a pier. and a bicycle rack.

a little crabby.

It was quite relaxing to get lost in my head a little walking a long the beach. I must have walked along, and back, for about 2 hours. I love it when my mp3 shuffles through good songs. Perfect songs for that kind of an afternoon. Wind in your face, freezing your fingers. Pictures of blue sky and water and wind turbines. Planes taking off.

my head got chopped a little.

I never thought that I would be one of the people who like walks on the beach. Too bad it wasn’t sunset. But I definitely had a lovely afternoon testing my comfort zones.


on my way home. (via the metro of course.)

happenings & problems.

I have been terribly terrible at updating. There are a lot of posts that I should have posted but haven’t. I take too many pictures and then I get lazy to sort through them to figure out which of the 100s I should post. But I’ll get there. Eventually. For now, a quick update about things that I’ve been up to and things that have been happening.

  1. Danish language classes
    I wrote about this when I started, but now I have completed the three-week intensive course and I have completed both my written and speaking exams. I came away with a nice grade of 10 overall. I don’t really know what this means
    in relation to our grading system back home, since the Danish grading system goes something like: 12 > 10 > 7 > 4 > 2 > 0 > -3. Yeah, I don’t know how that works. As far as I know, my subjects are just awarded pass/fail when I get back anyway. But no matter. I’m just glad that I did seemingly quite well. It definitely feels like an accomplishment. I’ve even considered taking on the semester long course! But final registration isn’t until next week, so I won’t have to decide until then.
  2. My parents are here!
    Mum and Dad arrived on Thursday last week, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them, taking them out, walking around, seeing the sights. It definitely renewed the excitement of living in Copenhagen. I had become a little bit complacent. We also visited Malmø, Sweden, just a 40 minute train ride away. That’s a separate post in itself. :) I’m also thankful for all the goodies that they brought me, and all the other things on my list of things to bring. Why pay double here, when they could just bring it for me! :) We’re planning on heading up north to check out Helsingør, the site of Hamlet’s castle, Hillerød, the site of another castle, and hopefully, if we have enough time, Humblebæk, to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
  3. Classes have started.
    I am taking 3 credited courses, and also the 1 week intensive non-credit course, Introduction to EU Law (although, with my timetable, I don’t think I’ll actually be able to go to any classes the first week). Once I’ve had all my classes I’ll write a little more about the Danish university experience. :)

Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out, exploring and what not. Nothing ridiculously exciting. :) But I shall post about a couple of those days.

I have had problems with a number of uni things though.

  • ID kort: I have been waiting and waiting on my student ID card. The first day that I went to ask about it, I was turned way without the lady even looking for my card, being told that I had to wait for an email before I could come and pick it up. I knew this was… wrong (to say the least) since other people who had sent their form in the same time as me had had no problems picking up their card. So I went back last week and spoke to a different person (thankfully) and she spent a good 15 minutes searching through for my card. To no avail. So then I had to email in to the ID card making people, and hopefully I get it next week… I do want it so that I can get into Tivoli for free! (I know I could just use my acceptance letter, but that’s hardly as exciting as having my actual ID card…)
  • Absalon: This it the Blackboard equivalent (or whatever online thing you use at uni) for KU. It was working fine yesterday morning, but when I logged on last night to complete some exercise for my class (yes, look at me go, so studious already!), I couldn’t log in. It’s happened to a couple of people so far that I know of (both Australians… they must hate us… lol) and the advice given was just to wait and see. With classes starting up and what not… I don’t see this as an option. So I sent a handful of emails to all the people that I could think of, and today I am going to go and annoy the Admissions Office after class. That will be fun…

I am hoping that the KU administrative department improves its impression on me as the semester goes on…

And because you probably don’t care so much for the writing, here are some pictures from Københavns Universitet Amager (KUA), as I was leaving from my Danish speaking yesterday morning, with lovely blue skies.

emil holms kanal, with tietgen kollegium on the right.

emil holms kanal, view to the north.

tietgen kollegium.

on the way, and around, dr byen station.

And my fabulous Danish class will bid you farvel. :)


danish class!

twin edition.

In light of the news that Crown Princess Mary is expecting twins, it is only fitting that I update on my first visit to Amalienborg Palace, Tuesday 27th July. (Yes, I am finnicky with dates, and like to keep a record.)

But first, I headed back to Rosenborg Slot, since I hadn’t really wandered around the first time I went there because I got distracted by the changing of the guard.

rosenborg slot, with blue skies.

but then those skies turned to grey... and it started to rain...

walking through king's gardens, i spy a marionette theatre.

copenhagen has a lot of these pretty coloured houses.

frederik viii's palace (aka the future residence of the crown prince and princess) at amalienborg palace. andi also managed to catch the end of the changing of the guard on the other end. :)

(i think i'm getting better at these!) me and christian viii's palace, which now houses a museum, and with frederikskirke (frederiks church) (aka the marble church).

i love that the guard house things have little hearts carved on them.

frederikskirke. it's a bit weird to take pictures inside a church...

hello ceiling.

later, walking along strøget, i got ben & jerry's. :) phish food. yum. :)

and then 30kr. chinese takeaway.

I ended up going back to Amalienborg today, because I realised that the opening of the residence ends tomorrow. More about that later.

I also need to post my week in Munich and my day trips to Salzburg and Prague. :) But I am getting lazy. I think this is a good thing. It means that I am settling in to everyday life. :)

Church tomorrow, and I might check out Kulturhavn as well if I have the time (and if I can manage to find it!).
And then it’s language course on Monday!