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chinese new year.

I recently subscribed to a couple of blogs. Of note: Classic Copenhagen and Copenhagen Cycle Chic.
The first posts snapshots of places around Copenhagen, getting me really excited, while CCC just makes me sad that I don’t know how to ride a bike (…yet?), as well as wonder why people are not ridiculously cold the way that they dress!

Anyway, the point of this anecdote is to say that, since preparation posts are not very exciting by way of pictures, this is how I shall pretty up my posts a little, by posting a pic or two from those websites, and others from around the place.

Here’s the first one:

from: Classic Copenhagen

So preparation… I think I’m going to try making these posts weekly or something, since it will mostly end up being a lot of repetition of things to do, or things coming up.

  1. I’ve submitted my acceptance form, so that’s all done and done. No dramas in terms of the email, although Mum did go and drop of the actual copy on Monday.
  2. The post-acceptance meeting is on Thursday. I’m sure I will have more to say about that after Thursday. I know that we get to start filling in our actual application to UoC though…
  3. Subject searching is going pretty well. I’ve got a few that I’m pretty interested in doing. Might do a separate post on that later. Maybe a poll!
  4. The housing situation looks like it could be pretty interesting. So I’ve got either a choice between private housing with a landlord/lady, share apartment (?) or kollegium (dorm). I just checked the housing site again, and info is down, since they’re revamping their housing allocation process, but I think it will still be similar. Allocation through UoC will be the first two, but if I want to stay at the kollegium, I’d have to apply on my own… We’ll see I guess, as we get closer. I think I could also apply to both and then see what I get in the end…?

I’m also going to do up a long-term to do list, so I don’t have to keep writing things up in here, and repeat repeat repeat because I never get things done.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

And last but not least, GONG XI FA CAI! XIN NIAN KUAI LE!



a little update.

UTS:International hit us up with another email yesterday. So just to keep a record for myself and also to fill you in on what’s going on…

  1. Acceptance form
    I tried sending this to one email address, but it got sent back, so I tried another. Hopefully that works out ok. I’d hate for things to go wrong just because the form wouldn’t send through… Maybe I should just fax it just in case…
  2. Re-nomination
    I was thinking about this last night, since there is still one more Law placing at Aarhus, originally my first choice, but after some restrictions and then not (long story), I didn’t end up putting it down. However, if I do attempt re-nomination, it would mean that I would have to forego my position at UoC already, and I don’t think I’m quite prepared to do that. I mean, the whole point really is just to go! And so I’m going to do that. And I couldn’t be more excited!
  3. Post-acceptance session
    This is going to be kind of like an information session, but it’s broken down specifically by destination, so hopefully this gives me a greater insight into what it’s really going to be like!
  4. Scholarship
    I’m still waiting to see whether I can apply for this, seeing as I’m only going to be doing 18 credit points, and the requirements say that 24 are necessary…

To do:

Things are moving ahead! And there is so much to do!

(I also need to figure out how I want to tag these posts, because I seem to be generating a tag for every single little thing…)