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{CDG} bonjour paris!

Side note, I think using the airport codes is a little bit redundant sometimes… in particular, Paris, seeing as I didn’t fly there…!

Anyway, so Monday morning (31st) I was due to catch the 8.55 Eurostar to Paris! Having caught the Eurostar back to London from Bruges, via Brussels, I’ve found that trains are definitely a better option for travel around Europe, if you have the luxury of time. However, it’s certainly not the most economical option, but probably works out well if you have a good idea of where exactly you want to go, how long you want to stay there… so then you can get the Eurail pass… maybe I’ll do that next time! :)

Had to wake up super early and get to St Pancras International ahead of time, to get through security and customs and all that. It was quite busy, but still better organised than when I was in Brussels.


before i fell asleep...

Got some food for the trip from Café Nero, but in the end I ended up sleeping on the train pretty much the entire time.

It’s kind of a great feeling to wake up in a totally different country. :)

Negotiated the metro and arrived at Cadet station.

from gare du nord.

Thanks to Lyndon for meeting me and picking me up. In general, thanks to Lyndon and Edmond for giving me a place to stay! :D Their apartment is super nice, and is quite central… and had a lovely view down into the courtyard. :)

i should have taken the actual courtyard... but this will do.

Once I’d settled in a bit, had a bit of lunch (the sandwich that I hadn’t eaten on the train), I headed out to Rue Mouffetard, which has all these cafés and bars… except, being a Monday, everything seemed to be closed. Oh well, I appreciated the streets anyway, as I do. :)

rue mouffetard.

Stopped by a hotel to ask where I could change my money, and was pointed towards the Panthéon, and so went that a-ways.

the panthéon.

Found a bank that was open, but they didn’t do any exchange. Luckily the lady was lovely and directed me across the road. I decided that I would pay a visit to the Panthéon, and it was quite nice inside, so I’m glad that I did. :)

inside the panthéon: ceiling, focault's pendulum, some painting, ceiling somewhere else.

descent into the crypt.

the crypt.

voltaire and rousseau.

memorial to antoine de saint-exupery, author of 'le petit prince'.

Once I left the Panthéon, I was delighted to see something distinctly Parisian off in the foggy distance… :)

first glimpse of a certain parisian tower.

After that, I wandered around that area, intending to go to the Luxembourg Gardens and see the Senate building, but the gardens were already closed. This is the problem about travelling in winter…

Oh well, I got a decent picture of the outside of the Senate building… I think.

senate building... i think.

I also saw one of the unis in Paris…


Then I decided to keep on wandering until I got to St Sulpice church, which was made famous by being in The Da Vinci Code, despite most of Dan Brown’s claims being completely untrue. Oh well, it was pretty inside, but of course there was a bit of construction going on outside…!

saint sulpice.

I then went on a kind of epic walk all the way to Notre Dame, alone the Seine.

night time walking: the louvre and library (?) from pont des arts.

padlocks on the bridge.

some random bridge.

After walking around in the cold for a while, I finally found myself in front of Notre Dame, closed by then of course, but still pretty none the less.

notre dame by night.

self timer win.

By then I was just super tired and super cold, but I still decided to take the walk all the way back. It wasn’t too bad, but yeah, just really cold. Picked up a crêpe for dinner. :) Got purposely kind of not really lost. And yeah, then made it back eventually. :)