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checking it twice.

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I am at a loss. Every day I sit down and think about what things still need to be done, but I keep drawing up a blank, other than the obvious: making sure that I’ve thought of everything to pack, figuring out how to get to the places that I need to get to, making sure I have all of the right paperwork…

One of the KU websites said to bring things that remind you of home… what does that mean exactly? How much space to I have even to pack the little things…? And I’m worried that I’ll bring important things and misplace them or something. There are things that I like to have on hand, because they definitely remind me of people, and I like to pull them out and read, and look and what not. :)

What am I forgetting?

Not sure what to update… just the fact that it’s less than a week til I leave… I’ve probably done quite a few things since I last posted…

Munich: I bought tickets to head to Munich to visit AJ, so that will be exciting.

Accommodation: I’ve figured out where I’m going to stay on the first night.

Insurance: This took ages to figure out, but finally bought through Travel Insurance Direct, and probably through 1cover for the back end. Insurance companies are seriously the worst at answering your questions though! It was SOO frustrating!!

It’s been good to catch up with people over the past few weeks.
A BIG THANKS especially to all those people who came to my surprise farewell. But I’ve said as much to each of you already. :)

Anyhow, the nerves are starting to set in.  But I am heaps excited!