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back in the cph.

So I have returned home to a partly white Copenhagen, but nowhere near as impressive as Oslo. Of course, when I came home, I had a nutritious dinner of mi goreng and Daim bar, and proceeded to fall asleep in bed with the laptop on.

I had a really good time visiting Oslo and Bergen. It was a good time away and I really feel like I saw everything that there was to see in both cities. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to go back again at some point. :) I actually find that I really like Norway. The people there seem much friendlier than Danes (like the guy on the bus who asked us whether we were ok to find our stop after watching us read the map for a fairly long time, or the random people that we asked directions from… all super nice!), and their language is definitely prettier, so much so that it sounds like they’re singing! Sure it was rather cold, but acclimatising is good at the moment. But there was something in particular about Oslo… I don’t know what it was but I really love that city. :))

A shout out to Ben is in order I guess, without whom I probably would never have gone in the first place. (I’m not even sure if he’ll read this… lol.) Thanks for putting up with me… although I guess you should thank me for putting up with you! :P But seriously, thanks for showing me around Oslo and all that, and generally organising things most days, and making decisions, because I’m bad and indecisive! :) Oh, and thanks for iTouch, so that I could while away the time in the way too early Norwegian darkness. Maybe we had a few mishaps, or at least, one major one, but that’s ok, things like that happen, and we learn. :) Lol. Now I just need to calculate how much you owe me…!

Now that I can cross Scandinavia off my list (since Finland is not technically Scandinavia, but Nordic),  it is back to the everyday life of Copenhagen… except Toby is coming to visit tomorrow today! YAY! :)) That will be fun to tourist Copenhagen all over again. :) And then, and then, it will be time to hit the books hard.



norway: the end.

So this morning we had rather a late start, but we didn’t have much planned for the day anyway, seeing as we needed to be back at the hostel by 4.30pm to pick up our luggage. So we started eating brunch at 11am or so, before checking out and all that jazz.

We headed back down to Bryggen to see if the stupid crane had moved but it hadn’t. But at least we took a picture to prove that we had been there, coz we kind of forgot yesterday. We also visited the Julehuset (Christmas house) but it was not as crazy Christmas-y as I thought it would be.

After that we made our way back to the Cultural History collections. We finished that up and then asked the lady at the counter where exactly the Natural History collection was, but she told us that it was in fact closed for renovations. Of course, I expect nothing less of any place in Europe!

So instead we went to the Sjøfarts Museum (aka the Maritime Museum) since it was free for students and we still had a long time to kill. So we spent a fair amount of time in there. It was rather interesting, but I do not think I will be sad to not see another boat model for a while. :)

Then we headed back to the lake and noticed that they had actually managd to get the Christmas tree in the middle.

Then it was back to Rema to stock up on more bread before returning to the hostel to pick up our luggage and just… bum.

Our flight is only at 8pm so we’re going to eat a little here before heading out to catch the bus to the airport.

But for now, I shall do some more reading… :(


view from the top.

Say hi to the post that isn’t written on the iTouch… but a MAC. My anti-Mac cred is slowly depleting… :P

Anyway, this morning we finished up the leftover chicken patties from last night, and also had some PB&J. Except I had mine separately, because I have not been converted yet. Then we headed out, totally pleased with the beautiful weather that Bergen had given us. Blue skies (which you should know by know is a requisite for me) and a little bit of sunshine. Still cold, but after everything that I have heard about Bergen being one of the rainiest cities, I was incredibly satisfied. :)

We headed down to Bryggen first, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. I wish I could tell you more… but I can’t. It’s really pretty though! That reminds me, I really want to go to the Christmas shop there…!

Walked to the end of the road and found ourselves at Rosencrantztårnet. Checked that out, as well as the rest of Bergenhus. Then headed to the Fløibanen (aka funicular) to go up Mount Fløyen. Walked around up there for a while, soaking in the beautiful view, and exploring a bit of the greenery. We saw these really cool icicles though! So that was exciting, for me at least. Although LOL to when I pointed to this random wooden sculpture that I thought looked like a bear. I was like, Oh! A bear! And then Ben totally froze, thinking I meant a real bear. That amused me a great deal… :P Maybe you had to bear there. Lol.

Came back down and went to try the Fish Market, but didn’t really see anything before we got distracted by Harbour Café and it’s 40% off. So we both got customised Double Bacon Cheeseburgers (minus tomatoes and pickles for me thanks!) which were really good. It was nice to have a decent sit down meal, other than what we’ve managed to cook ourselves. :)

After eating, we headed up to the Bergen Museums. On our way we re-visited some of the sights that we saw last night, but took pictures in the nice daylight. We ended up going with the Cultural History Collection first. It’s free for students, so that was cool. Looked around a few exhibits before we were told that the museum was closing… at 3! So we shall head back there, and to the Natural History Collection too. And besides, it’s free! :)

Made our way back to the hostel, since we were both pretty tired and just kind of wanted to sit and what not. On the way back we finally saw the lake-ish thing that is quite central in the city of Bergen, that we had sworn we had not seen. For good reason to. It is currently almost all frozen over, and we saw some people trying to move a Christmas tree into the centre… but they kind of failed. Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow and see the end result.

So now I am updating, Ben is taking a nap, and I think that we should get food soon, before Rema closes!

It’s the last day in Norway tomorrow, and I have had a fantastic time. It really is a pretty part of Scandinavia and the people here are really friendly. I’m really glad that I ended up coming here. It was looking unlikely for a long while, but yeah. I do look forward to going back to Copenhagen though!  I always do. :)

In any case, I still have one more day tomorrow, before our flight at 8pm, so we still have a bit of time. And tomorrow I will endeavour to actually take more photos of myself, you know, so that I actually have proof that I was in Norway at all!!


beautiful bergen.

Today is definitely a day that will be made up more of pictures than words. Before I get to the reason why, a quick rundown of morning events.

We woke super early and then got a quick breakfast before finishing packing, checked out and then bummed around so we didn’t have to wait for the tram in the cold. This then resulted in some running for the tram… but we still ended up being early for the train. After some problems, we got some sweet seats and got settled in for our almost 7 hour train ride.

I cannot explain in words just how amazing the journey was. The scenery along the way was seriously beautiful and I definitely want to do it again, but in the summer. It would be a lot different. This time though, the overwhelming white of the snow was, as Ben put it, quite serene. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. We were supposed to use the time productively, sleeping, reading and the like, but for me at least, the view the entire way was almost too good to pass up. I did manage a bit of shut eye and some reading of course, and before I knew it, the journey was over and we arrived in Bergen.

We found our hostel, Marken Gjestehus, quite near to the station. We checked in before heading out to explore with what little daylight (and clear skies!) that we had left. We were trying to find the main Bergen area, but ended up at the wrong bit of water. No matter, we figured it out for tomorrow. Instead, we headed to Rema to buy some kylling og pommes frittes for dinner. Net-ed a little before making dinner, eating super quick and then heading off to Bergen Kino, to watch everyone’s favourite boy wizard. Yes, the second time for me. (To my dedicated reader, Pya, you will be amused to know, I’m sure, that I managed to get us slightly lost, as I always seem to do. Lol.)

Got to the cinema and it was really pretty inside. The movie was fantastic a second time, so :)

Now I should probably have a shower as we are intending to head out early tomorrow morning. Sadly, we’re probably not going to see one of the famous Norwegian fjords, since winter is upon us and there aren’t that many tours running. But that’s ok, I like having reasons to return, because Scandinavia really is a lovely corner of the world.

Anyway, tomorrow shall be fun despite. I am kind of sad that this Norwegian adventure is almost over. :( Even if it does mean that I can finally get rid of Ben :P lol.