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dancing fairies, painted wings

storm clouds over red square, moscow (from: stephen.exley)

OMGOSH! I got an email last night about a Russian study tour run by KU to St Petersburg and Moscow. It’s for 9 days and it’s in the mid semester break…

It’s SO exciting, and I really want to go, but I’m not sure if I’ll end up going… I think it’s a bit more expensive than if you went on other tours and stuff, but the itinerary sounds really interesting, and a little off the usual trodden path. And I think that’s the part that I’m excited about, seeing things that you wouldn’t usually see when you go on a normal holiday tour…

I don’t think my parents are too excited though…

In any case, I sent an email asking them how I go about singing up.

And then I have to think about what I’m doing once KU classes and exams finish and all that… Hmm…

But for now, it’s time to get through finals here… and passing E&T… T__T

Oh. Pre-departure meeting the other day…
That was ok. They just talked about usual stuff, and I guess it really surprised me just how long the process is for other people, and I guess we’re pretty fortunate that we’ve gotten our acceptance and housing and visas all done. The only thing left to do is subjects, and I think that’s only really done once we get there anyway…

Oh and still waiting to hear about scholarships…??

Less than two months to go now. =)





Dear Lindy Ling-Li Tan,

We are happy to send you a housing offer. Please read the attached Word document which is your contract. If you are unable to open the document, please contact the International Office immediately.

The Housing Co-ordinators
University of Copenhagen, University Education Services
Guidance & Admissions, The International Office

I got sent an email a week ago or so that told me that my proposed rental amount was not enough to get me my own bathroom. As an only child, this troubled me some, and my worst fears have come to fruition! OH NOES!

So this place, it’s an apartment for four people, with a shared living and kitching area. It’s really close to the Metro and train station, so that’s good and convenient (considering my lack of bicycle-ness!!). It’s also pretty near to the airport (I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing!) It’s in the Ørestad district, which is apparently quite new and being developed (but also means construction). All in all, I guess it sounds ok?

Maybe I should be a little less pretentious and learn to share. But for now, I am in a dilemma as to what to do. I’m supposed to advise the International Office about whether I choose to accept or not by 1st May. However, there is the (though pretty slight) chance that I’ll be offered a place through this other housing website thing that I’ve been looking at… I think the main thing is, I don’t want to be left with nothing.

My gut instinct is telling me to just accept, because it’s better than living nowhere. And the pictures look pretty enough! Besides, it’s all about embracing new experiences right? And I’ve got to learn to share at some point right?

Note to Beck:

The room is a strictly personal offer for you. You may not have others move in with you. Breach of this is subject to one warning after which the student can be evicted if he/she continues to break this rule.

So if you come… =(

Acceptance package and Visa problems

Anyway, on to another thing. I picked up the acceptance pack that was sent to UTS from UoC on Monday, with a bunch of brochures and things, as well as my Visa application. But lo and behold! They didn’t stamp/sign it, and it appears that the Danish Consulate will not accept that. So it’s another waiting game. I’ve sent them an email, and so has Steven, but I haven’t heard anything back yet… So I guess we’ll see how it goes… Fingers crossed!

Another thing that I need to do is send off the form for my ID card. I have to go and search for those passport photos that I took at the Travel Expo…

Global exchange fair at UTS

Global Exchange Fair is tomorrow! I’m probably going to go to the UoC talk and just see how that goes, and hopefully get to talk to a bunch of the UoC people and see what it’s like and stuff.

Anyway, it’s late (I do NOT know how it got to 2.30!!) and I should be getting to sleep so I can wake up in time tomorrow!

I was thinking the other day, and it’s only 3 months or so til I should leave! I REALLY NEED TO GET ON TO BOOKING MY FLIIIIGHT!



Kollegiet Sofiegården

How lovely does it look? It’s a bit of a dream place to want to stay though!

Just to jot down a couple of things (as always!).

  1. OS-Help
    It pretty much works like HECS does, and now that there is no loan fee or anything, I might as well. It will let me go that little bit further with travel and stuff.
  2. Housing
    I’ve been looking up housing, as suggested by the UoC website. I’ve been on the Kollegiernes Kontor site, which is one of the accommodation offices in Copenhagen, and applications for a lot of the kollegiums (like dorms) are done through there. You’re not really bound by anything, so I’m just looking at distances from UoC and price and such. It’s pretty fun. There’s another similar site that I’ll get to looking at.
  3. Travel
    I did a dream list of all the places that I want to go. I think I need to settle down and do a little bit more reading up on places. BUT I did find this 24 day Contiki tour that pretty much covered all the places that I wanted to go to! But I’m just not sure how feasible that’s going to be if you do it on your own…?? Hopefully meeting up with B to head to Barcelona, and talking tonight with R about her coming over… HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! I am also up for other visitors if you like!
  4. Beyond UTS
    I was looking around the Beyond UTS site online, and apparently there are grants for participants of the program for doing activities overseas! So I shall definitely have a look at that. (Double checked just then, and the form isn’t up yet!)
  5. UoC application
    I finally got the confirmation of receipt from them, but my status still says that I didn’t apply for a mentor when I did… Now it’s just the big. long. wait.
  6. Unbound Party on Tuesday
    I was supposed to RSVP by Friday, but I didn’t. All these things are taking so much out of me, that I figured, my going wouldn’t really be all that fun anyway. I guess I still have to get out of that sometime antisocialness of mine… I also have work Tuesday, so I’ll probably be pretty dead by the end of the day anyway. There will be plenty of other opportunities anyway, so it’s ok.

That’s about it really… I’ve got to concentrate on passing Equity and Trusts, so that I can actually GO!!



from: Cycle Chic Copenhagen

Now there is something I’m not looking all that forward to: snow + wind… not to mention my incapabilities on a bike… Oh well, exchange is all about trying something new right?!

Post-acceptance session
With UoC, it’s a nomination process, so we didn’t get to start filling in our application yesterday. However, I did get an email from my Exchange Officer (EO) today saying that nomination has started, and so now we’re just waiting to get the email from UoC giving us access to the application form.

Something that really interested me that my EO mentioned was the Beyond UTS: International Development Program (BUILD). Applications open on Monday, so I’ve been figuring out a nice response to the question. I think it would be a good opportunity to branch about ‘beyond’ the academic life of uni, something that I know I get so caught up with sometimes… So I’m pretty excited for that.

A couple of dates for the diary:

  • UoC application due to UTS: 18 March
  • Global Fair: 22 April 10-2pm
  • Pre-departure workshop: 28 May 2-5pm (I think I have class…?? Oh well!)

And something to do, which I guess I just kind of did…

Scholarship application
As usual, I’m a pro at procrastinating. I realised the criteria aren’t exactly the same as the exchange application, so I’m in the midst of writing up my 1000 words. I’m wondering whether I should use this blog as an ‘activity’ associated with being an ambassador for UTS… Hmm… I’m certainly intending to keep it up to date while I’m away, and I guess it could be useful for prospective exchange students who are thinking about going to Denmark or Copenhagen. Now there’s a thought I should keep in mind while writing this…

Language classes
I just remembered that the Danish Church is over in Pennant Hills. Apparently they run a Danish language course, and I’ve wondered whether it would be worthwhile to get into that, just to the New Beginner’s Course (well, that would be all I have time for, since the current term has already started…) We’ll see how that goes, then maybe I might not have to get to UoC so early for the Danish language courses there, although I guess that would be a good way to meet people too. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Each post I make makes me end up thinking of a lot of other things, making me even more and more excited!
Sometimes, I still cannot believe that all this is happening!


a little update.

UTS:International hit us up with another email yesterday. So just to keep a record for myself and also to fill you in on what’s going on…

  1. Acceptance form
    I tried sending this to one email address, but it got sent back, so I tried another. Hopefully that works out ok. I’d hate for things to go wrong just because the form wouldn’t send through… Maybe I should just fax it just in case…
  2. Re-nomination
    I was thinking about this last night, since there is still one more Law placing at Aarhus, originally my first choice, but after some restrictions and then not (long story), I didn’t end up putting it down. However, if I do attempt re-nomination, it would mean that I would have to forego my position at UoC already, and I don’t think I’m quite prepared to do that. I mean, the whole point really is just to go! And so I’m going to do that. And I couldn’t be more excited!
  3. Post-acceptance session
    This is going to be kind of like an information session, but it’s broken down specifically by destination, so hopefully this gives me a greater insight into what it’s really going to be like!
  4. Scholarship
    I’m still waiting to see whether I can apply for this, seeing as I’m only going to be doing 18 credit points, and the requirements say that 24 are necessary…

To do:

Things are moving ahead! And there is so much to do!

(I also need to figure out how I want to tag these posts, because I seem to be generating a tag for every single little thing…)


FW: Exchange Spring 2010 Allocations

Your UTS allocation to a partner university for exchange Spring 2010 is attached.  This represents the partner university that UTS will send your application to.  Final acceptance which allows you to apply for a visa is made by the partner university and sent in around June 2010.

After the crazy old form, new form application process, problems with my first choice and their impossible restrictions (Aarhus, I’ll miss you), a loss of connection with the server…

FINALLY I’ve been accepted to go to the University of Copenhagen for the (UTS) Spring Semester 2010.

There is going to be a lot to do over the next few months, not to mention the amazing things that I am excited to see once I get over there.

And so here it begins.

First things first:

  • Monday 8th February: Acceptance form due
  • Friday 5th March: Scholarship application form due

There are a whole lot of other things to do, not to mention that I stil have to pass Equity & Trusts this coming semester…

But here we go!

I’m excited! Are you?